I became aware of the Compassionate Progressives from an e-vite to Larraine Mc Namara Mc Graw’s 55th Birthday Party at the http://www.artbar-riverwest.com/ Art Bar in Riverwest. Larraine and her husband William were my next door neighbors on Gordon Place in Riverwest. We raised our children together and I witnessed Larraine’s incredible campaign for alderman of the Eastside and Riverwest, her impressive career as alderman, and her launching a legal practice around civil rights and social justice issues. The co-founder of Compassionate Progressives, William Mc Graw, is a long time teacher and war horse of the civil rights and anti-war movements over the decades.

I am hoping that the Compassionate Progressives will team up with Tegan Dowling and James S. Carlson of Bucketworks and harness the power of “wiki” to their worthy cause. This site is for the Compassionate Progressives as much as and for as long as they wish it. I suspect it will soon be a link to a very helpful wiki site called http://www.compassionateprogressives.org/ Compassionate Progressives. I have no doubt that the Compassionate Progressives will make a mark in our fair city and perhaps beyond.

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