My predictions are very local.

There are 3 local issues that loom large in my minds eye, and they all relate to the re-visioning of Milwaukee city proper, i.e. Historic Milwaukee, from a working class city to a creative class city in renaissance.

I predict three developments that will support this notion of Milwaukee’s rebirth.

  1. The great success of Club Timbuktu in Riverwest (an African music and world culture venue)will dispel the notion that Milwaukee citizens are up-tight about working, eating, and having fun with people of different races and nationalities.

  2. The entire nation will report its pleasant surprise at what a great red-carpet welcome Milwaukee provided for the national NAACP Convention, this July 9–14.

  3. There will be projects launched that Save the Soldiers Home and make it a nationally known treasure.

I would like to see the “action predictions” of others and perhaps find commond groud for mighty collaborations.

January 2005

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