Bridgeworks at the NAACP: A New Civil Rights Movement for the 21st Century

Let’s have a cultural evolution
With our minds on line
And our bodies at sacred places
To seal the deals.

Raise your chilren
With visions of bagmanwoman peddling
for the Evolution.

Become yourself
a bagmanwoman peddler
for the Evolution.

Get yourself some bags
Begin to fill them
With your visions.

Many kinds of bags.
Many kinds of visions.

Carry your bags
To the doors of the people.
Don’t be shy. They won’t hurt you.

All of the people.
Say hello to the people,
With a kindly eye.

Listen while the people speak,
Every mind is an expert.
Offer your thoughts too.

Consider the NAACP
As a spark,
For a new movement.

The NAACP is ready to honor the finest

  • speeches
  • poems
  • songs
  • dance,
  • theatre
  • books
  • films
  • web site
  • internet broadcast
  • radio address
  • t.v. documentary
  • social enterprise

The NAACP “Rebirth of Freedom Celebration”
Is where the winners would be honored.
At the Soldiers Home. Tribute and Money.

The NAACP is ready to help spark social enterprises
That truly serve the people
And provide good jobs.

The NAACP is prepared to accelerate the training
of Knoweldge Workers, Artist/Artisans, and Social Enterprisers, public and private organizations with soul
and purpose, for the workers, for the people.

At the Soldiers Home in Milwaukee.
Where are architectural treasures
And landscapes like paradise,

A haunting beauty
Where are buried
Those who won the war against slavery…
Those who won the war against communism, fascism, nazism.

The NAACP and the people
Will draw new strength and wisdom
At the Soldiers Home in Milwaukee.

The NAACP Soldiers Home Initiatives
Are designed to win Milwaukee
A Nobel Peace Prize by 2010.

Let all of God’s children
From across the world,
Fill the rainbow NAACP
With love, holiness, wisdom, and beauty…

At the Soldiers Home.

In Milwaukee.

At the “New Birth of Freedom.”

July 2005

Why not?


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