If you check out Feb 10 issue of Shepherd, Hissom Expresso on P. 14
regarding the way Supt. A did a back room hack job of closing several
schools recently - no community hearings on the closings. Peter is
president of the board no less, and Supt. A didn’t even let him know aboutit. Supt. A has literally taken “public” out of public schools. He’s running with the voucher gang to feather his nest when he leaves next year. Meanwhile, he’s been gutting schools, positions, student programs, etc. Peter needs support because he sees what’s going on but feels isolated -and is - considering past mayor Norquist’s love affair with Howard Fuller voucherites/charters. Fuller ran city’s charter school program for Norquist, meetings at city hall, no less. Don’t know if changes have been made since Norquist left. Guy running against Peter is a Fuller protege, anti-public education. Some people even think Fuller is “progressive.”

This, no less, after being annointed to be on George W’s “education team” when he was running fo his first term. Fuller was at the airport to give George W. a big hug (yes, he actually did) when George W. came to town to throw out first ball at new Miller Park. That alone should put East Side and Shorewood in Peter’s corner. Fuller hates unions too(similar to his newly found heroes in the Republican Party). So you have this big anti-MTEA movement going on in the voucher/charter camp too. That’s who Peter is running against to hang on to keeping the “public” in public schools with a progressive agenda, trying to hang onto and get fair and decent tax funding to keep student education programs. Bashing MPS/MTEA has become an obsession for Fuller & Co. since he resigned after his 4-year stint. A political bait and switch, thereafter. Ongoing retaliation type stuff. Personal style of “management” of Fuller: Control Freak. All this to say if the East Side and Shorewood is still being race guilt tripped by Fuller
because of the racism in Milwaukee - they better get their political house in order and smell the roses. Yeah, there are reactionary black Republicans in town too. Hello? So, enjoy the political ride on Peter’s side in the board elections. Honest, he needs the city’s support.

Later, Dan

From: “Daniel Pryzbyla” <pryz1@earthlink.net>
To: “cmtyroof@execpc.com” <cmtyroof@execpc.com>
Subject: RE: Seek Endorsement of Peter Blewett for East Side and Bay View

Here’s more Fuller info for your east side crowd. Remember, Fuller
(pro-voucher, anti-public school) recruited Blewett’s opponent for this
school board race - like he did the previously unknown, unheard of current
school board member Ken Johnson (pro-voucher, anti-public school), employed
at the city’s sewerage district.

The fact that Fuller has not yet indicated if he will be able to attend
this Republican right-wing gathering - his invitation shows obvious
preference, previous association and commitments with this group of
Republican suburbanites. It could be that the right-wing gathering being so
close to the school board elections might expose Fuller’s connection with
Blewett’s opponent, who will no doubt have Fuller’s public “endorsement”

Wisconsin Conservative Leadership Coalition (WCLC) to sponsor Future
Wisconsin Conference

JANUARY 31, 2005

(MILWAUKEE) The liberals have long been known to host their
“love-ins” like “Fighting Bobfest”, to espouse their left-wing
ideals, and to vent their hatred towards George W. and everything to
the right of Ted Kennedy. It was obvious that the conservatives
needed to do something as an alternative, but it needed to be a
constructive conference, dedicated to finding solutions to
Wisconsin’s problems without founding more government programs and
spending more of the taxpayers money. It was out of this vision that
Future Wisconsin was born.

Rather than pontificating about what conservatives needed to do,
Wisconsin Conservative Leadership Coalition Chairman Bob Dohnal
formed a committee with Bob Welch, Mark Block, JJ Blonien, Glenn
Grothman, and Tom Reynolds. The committee explored the development of
a conference bringing the best minds of the conservative movement
together to discuss these problems and develop some
answers for the legislators in Madison to consider.

The Future Wisconsin committee wanted the conference to be
interactive so that the participants would not just be listening, but
contributing to the discussion. As a result, they decided to hold the
first Future Wisconsin, a Conservative Conference that will be held
on March 12th in West Allis at Pallas restaurant, 1657 South 108th
Street. The conference will open with a breakfast buffet at 7:30 am
with Congressman Paul Ryan speaking on Social Security Reform.
The panel discussion at 9 am will focus on Taxes and Spending with
Sen. Glenn Grothman as the panel moderator. Other panelists include:

Sen. Tom Reynolds, Rep. Frank Lasse, JJ Blonien from Americans for
Prosperity, and Steve Loerhke, President of the Weyauwega- Fremont
School Board. The discussion will center on the need for a Taxpayer’s
Bill of Rights.

The next panel discussion at 10:30 pm will be on Personal Freedoms,
Personal Responsibilities and Property Rights. The panel moderator
will be Sen. David Zien, Ed Thompson - Former Gubernatorial
Candidate, Michelle Litjens - Oshkosh, Milwaukee County Sheriff David
Clarke, and Michael Dean - Attorney, First Amendment Scholar. The
luncheon speaker will be Barry Poulson, Ph.D. - Professor of
economics at University of Colorado and the Distinguished Scholar with
Americans for Prosperity Foundation. Poulson is the leading expert on
Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights and he will elaborate on why Wisconsin
taxpayers need one. Congressman James Sensenbrenner has also been
invited to address the group on United States Security.

The afternoon discussion resumes at 1:30 with a panel on the
Importance of Education in Urban Affairs. The panel moderator is
Bishop Sedgrick Daniels from the Holy Redeemer Church of God in
Christ. Panelists include: Rep. Scott Jensen, Susan Mitchell -
President, School Choice of Wisconsin, Camille Solberg, Rep. Leah
Vukmir, and Dr. Howard Fuller - Director, Institute for the
Transformation of Learning, Marquette University, who is invited but
not yet confirmed.

At 3 pm the panel discussion will focus on Market Based Solutions to
Healthcare Costs with panel moderator Richard Blomquist - President,
Blomquist Benefits. The panelists will be: Rep. Curt Gielow, Peter
Farrow - CEO, Group HealthCare of Eau Claire, and Robert Dohnal -
Past Vice President Wisconsin Institute Pharmacy Association.

The speaker at the cocktail hour is Daniel Schnur. Schnur, one of
America’s most recognized communications experts, has worked with a
variety of political and private sector clients, including work on
four presidential and three gubernatorial campaigns.

At 6 pm the “Top of the Ticket” Dinner will be host to an impressive
list of speakers such as: Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker,
Congressman Mark Green, Waukesha County Executive Dan Finley, Rep.
Jeff Wood, Rep. Jean Hundertmark, Rep. Mark Gundrum, Waukesha County
District Attorney Paul Bucher, and Rep. Gregg Underheim. All meals
will be buffet-style so that people can sit where they want and make
numerous acquaintances of other conservatives.

The entire cost to attend the Future Wisconsin conference is $60,
which includes all three meals. Registration to the conference is
limited to the first 300 people who send in their registrations.

For more information on the Future Wisconsin Conference,
contact Bob Dohnal at (414) 258–1719 or by email at: rdohnal@wi.rr.com.
Steve King - Master of Ceremonies
Breakfast: 7:30 am: Social Security Reform
U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, Invited Speaker
Panel Discussion 9 am: Taxes and Spending

Panel Moderator: Sen. Glenn Grothman
Panelists: Sen. Tom Reynolds, Rep. Frank Lasse,
JJ Blonien - Americans for Prosperity, Steve
Loerhke, (invited) - President, Weyauwega- Fremont School Board
Panel Discussion 10:30 am: Personal
Freedoms, Personal Responsibilities and
Property Rights

Panel Moderator: Sen. David Zien
Panelists: Ed Thompson - Former candidate for Governor
Michelle Litjens - Oshkosh
David Clarke - Sheriff, Milwaukee County
Michael Dean - Attorney, First Amendment
Lunch: 12:00 pm: United States Security
U.S. Rep. James Sensenbrenner - Invited Speaker
Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights
Barry Poulson, Ph.D. - Professor of economics at
University of Colorado - Distinguished Scholar
with Americans for Prosperity Foundation
Panel Discussion 1:30 pm: Importance of
Education in Urban Affairs

Panel Moderator: Bishop Sedgrick Daniels - Holy
Redeemer Church of God in Christ
Panelists: Rep. Scott Jensen
Susan Mitchell, - President, School Choice of WI
Camille Solberg,
Rep. Leah Vukmir
Dr. Howard Fuller, (invited) - Director, Institute
for the Transformation of Learning - Marquette
Panel Discussion 3 pm: Market Based
Solutions to Healthcare Costs

Panel Moderator: Richard Blomquist - President,
Blomquist Benefits
Panelists: Rep. Curt Gielow
Peter Farrow - CEO, Group HealthCare of Eau Claire
Robert Dohnal - Past Vice President Wisconsin
Institute Pharmacy Association

5 pm: Cocktail Hour:
Daniel Schnur - President, Command Focus,
Sacramento, California

6 pm: “Top of the Ticket” Dinner
Introductions: Senator Dale Schultz -
Republican Senate Majority Leader
Speakers: Milwaukee County Executive Scott
Walker, US Rep. Mark Green, Waukesha County
Executive Dan Finley, Rep. Jeff Wood, Rep. Jean
Hundertmark - (invited), Rep. Mark Gundrum,
Waukesha County District Attorney Paul Bucher,
Rep. Gregg Underheim, Mark Neumann - (invited)
Other speakers to be invited:
Craig Shirley - President Shirley & Banister,
Author - Reagan’s Revolution (To be released
January 27, 2005)
John P. McConnell - Deputy Assistant to the
President of the United States, Deputy Director of
Presidential Speechwriting and Assistant to the
Vice President of the United States

Recommended Hotel:
Country Inn Hotel
2810 Golf Road
Pewaukee, WI 53072
Call and tell them you are part of Future
Wisconsin Conference.
For more infomation call Bob Dohnal (414) 258–1719

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