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Godsil: DayCareForEldersAndChildrenAtSameBuilding

I would like to see portions of the Mandel/Bucketworks building be considered for the site of an Elder Care/Learn and Child Care/Learn Center.

Might anyone be able to connect me with the most creative people they know who work with seniors? or who work with children?

In an easily accessible downtown spot, at the intersection of Mc Kinley and MLK/Old World Third, in a building that has a creative playground for the mind(and heart), could be located living/work quarters for “creatives,” and learning/leisure/healthful/thoughtful care for young and old.

Anyone know any seniors, elders, senior/elder professionals/workers/enterprisers who would be interested in developing this image?

What say?

Clear sailing,


I am reading a book by Kate Redfeld Jamison called “Exuberance: The Passion for Life.”

She combines teaching positions in psychiatry at John Hopkins and literature at St. Andrews in Scotland, as well as two other best sellers on manic depression and suicide.

Her book on “Exuberance” is meant to direct therapists and those interested in the wonders and challenges of our beautiful minds to “positive emotional conditions.”

It is also, methinks, a self-help book for Jamison and others challenged with some or all aspects of the manic-depressive “syndrome.”

Stay on the side of “exuberance!” Avoid that which morphs an exuberant personality into a “manic” one!

Key to staying on the good side of exuberance are occasions for creative and fun learning and play.

This holds for infants, children, adults, and elders. It holds for humans, apes, cats, and dogs.

Bucketworks is a playground for the mind (and I would say “heart.”)

There is a huge near empty building at the Mandel Building, where Bucketworks has a portion of the first floor.

This site is where Old World Third St. turns into Dr. Martin Luther King Drive.

There is an open space on the northwest corner, just to the south of the Mandel/Bucketworks building, where the statue of Dr. Martin Luther King could be relocated, to what we would turn into a mini public park, with benches, sweet public art, and statue of Rosa Parks and Dr. King.

To the north of this park, in the Mandel/Bucketworks building, could be located a work/live condo for “creatives,” an Elder “Day Care Center” and a “Child Day Care Center.”

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