Dear All,

Here are 3 projects that might be of interest:

(l) Fund Raiser for School Board President Peter Blewett’s Re-election campaign, last week of March

(2) St. Patrick’s Day Celebration of All City Environmental and Preservation Coalition Saving the Lakefront from the Warship

(3) Internet Empowerment Project with the NAACP

Please fee free to call me at 414 232 1336 if interested in learning more.

Might you let the world know about one or all of these items:

(l) Washington Birthday Sufi Poetry Performances and Singing at Timbuktu, Feb. 22, 7 to 8 p.m., food and drink before, during, & after,
Center and Booth in Riverwest. Karen Kolberg, Robin Pleur, Harvey Taylor, and Holly Haebig performing. See

(2) St. Patrick’s Day Celebration of Alliance of Environmental and Preservation “Movements” to Save the Lakefrong from the Warship. Donna Schlieman, Bill Sell, and Harvey Taylor presenting.

(3) Peter Blewett Fund Raiser/Party at Timbuktu, tentative March 23.
More to come.

(4) Computer modeling for design projects w. kitchen, bath, additions, remodels, and so forth. This new world technology wed to some Moscow trained fine artists turned artisans with spectacular studio I would be happy to introduce you to for this Armenian/Russian clan of ornamental iron workers, stained glass artists, cabinet makers, bath/kitchen design, and more.

(5) Raingardens.

(6) Plaster repair.

Call 232 1336 for more.

Clear sailing,


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