This Letter Talks About Some Ways to Make an E-Mail Have More Political Clout Than Average E-Mails (Thursday, Dec. 9, 2004)

Hey Shirley,

I’m on the roofs these days so I would appreciate some help in putting together the perfect post for these worthy groups, which comprise over 1,000 people, assuing Gretchen Doege, Tess Reiss, and some people form Historic Concordia give the issue their attention and support.

I would urge you to contact Gretchen, Tess, Bob Bauman of Concordia, Kat Keller from Washington Heights, and do your best to inspire their respective organizations to support the good cause.

I would also connect with Donna Schlieman, Virginia Cassel, Jean Eske, and Annemarie Sawkins from the Milwaukee Preservation Alliance, in hopes of inspiring them to have an on-line vote of their Board of Directors or Organizing Team.

Finally, I would hope that you could put together a perfect paragraph to be posted on the Bay View, Sherman Park, West Side, and other yahoo groups, that would include some

Action Items

I think the bundled e-mail address of all of the alderman on the Zoning and Development Committee, along with some example sentences, makes a lot of sense.

I am going to create a “wiki web site,” called East Village Conversation District Issue,” inside the Milwaukee Preservation Alliance Folder.

I will mail it to you and offer some ideas about how to manage this site, along with other members of your group. It is no more difficult than doing e-mail and offers sustained documentation and round table decision making without having to always meet in person or play phone tag.

What say?

Clear sailing,


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