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Interim Designation Accomplished! Here is Pamela Fratuschi’s report on hearing.

The Historic Preservation Commission has scheduled a hearing for October 25th at 3pm to discuss granting interim historic status on the 2 properties that the Jewish Federation plans to raze at 2005 and 2009 E. Kenwood.

Please alert anyone who you think might want to attend. The meeting will be in the 1st Floor conference room of the 809 Bldg, 809 N. Broadway, at 3pm.

Please call the mayor’s office to express the MHNA’s concern over these homes being razed.

As you can see both of these are in extremely good repair and would be a
significant loss to the neighborhood

J. Gerard Capell
2954 N. Frederick Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53211–3011
414–962–4638 (tel & fax)
414–704–7040 (cell)

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