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Social Enterprises Godsil Seeks to Become Part of Milwaukee Renaissance Internet Experiment

    * Timbuktu
    * New Technology
    * Artur Kalenjian’s Artisan/Artisan/Design/Renew Group
    * Rain Gardens
    * Wisconsin African American Women’s Group
    * NAACP
    * Soldiers Home
    * Bridgeworks
    * Nunyakpe Group
    * Milwaukee Preservation Alliance
    * Community Journalism: Currents, Beat, Compass…
    * Milwaukee On Line Journal of Social Enterprise
    * Interns and Social Enterprise Experiments, On-Line Learning, and Institute of Wisconsin’s Social Enterprise Internships
    * Freedom Center
    * Sufi Poetry Radio and Film Broadcasting
    * Accessibility Warriors
    * Urban Anthropology
    * Riverwest Co-Op
    * Avalon Theatre
    * Save the KK River
    * Walk to Work and Mainstreet Enterprise Homesteading
    * Internet Empowerment of the Milwaukee Creative Working Classes 
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