Dear Bill and Lisa,

It is my great honor to introduce you to one another.

For you see, Lisa, Bill Sells is the first person I invited to coffee upon leaving my Riverwest/Eastside neighborhoods of 30 years.

I called Bill because Julilly Kohler, who has earned an important part in the great history of Milwaukee’s renewal, gave the highest praise to Bill’s work as an environmentalist and neighborhood “people’s priest.”
I told Bill about the Riverwest e-mail network in the early weeks of Stone Creek Coffee’s arrival at Lincoln and KK, and he promtly went home and set up This “social mind on line” now numbers over 200 families and has crystallized into the Bay View Neighborhood Association and the Metro Milwaukee Federation of Neighborhoods. Bill has a number of wonderful allies in the environmental, park, biking, neighborhood, and civil rights movements hoping to create a “Freedom March Across the Hoan Bridge” during the NAACP Convention.

Now Bill, I have had an on-line conversation with Lisa for a while now, which expanded and accelerated when I discovered that Lisa and Aleks Kostich are husband and wife, and so intensely involved in the environmental movement that a world wise-attorney, Nikolas Kostich, who has helped me greatly in my business, stands in proud awe.

Then I discover that Lisa is organizing a once a month gathering of environmentalists from all around our fair region. And, she has recently been appointed to the Mayor’s Green Task Force Team! Her maiden meeting on April 20th with the Mayor’s group, then an evening gathering at the Ale House!

Lisa concluded a note to me: maybe we can move Milwaukee forward together!



We can! We will!

Then she asked that I “keep the good connections coming.”

Bill Sell is. Not just “good.” But…great!

I hope I can buy each of you a bourgeois beer at the Ale House this April 20th, to talk abouit the movements, especially the environmental one.

What say?


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