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Subject: Saint Ted

Dear James (& Michael)

What a wonderful life. I am talking about Comrade Ted Seaver. The list for the people I must declare ‘Saints’ is increasing. Ted is a good example of what life is all about: We are here for a purpose. I am sure that he was the most fulfilled man when he passed on to the Classless Palace, to join Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King, Chief Albert Luthuli, Robert Sobukwe, Steve Bantu Biko, Lilian Ngoyi, Helen Joseph and many other heroines and heroes who accomplished their mission.

Socrates gave a beautiful advise: An unreflected life is not worth living. The challenge for all of us is to reflect on our purpose and calling. It was not by chance or accident that we exist. Our Designer has so much confidence in us that She gave us the responsibility to be stewards of all creation and to be our brother’s (sister’s) keeper. We must work for the integrity of creation so that we have time and space to welcome our sisters and brothers into our life.

Ted, ask all our ancestors to inspire us with the revolutionary fire that we need to fix our world and to reconcile with all people.

Michael the world is your home.

Let us take Ted’s spear and move forward

Aluta Continua


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