Dr. Mike ~

This is my final semester as an undergraduate at UWM and for my Sociology Internship I’m working with community activist James Godsil. He is helping me create and facilitate a website entitled Free Our Daughters From Domestic Violence that will hopefully become a community resource on the subject. If the Spirit moves you, check out…


We want to tap into the minds of 10 Milwaukee area experts on the topic of domestic violence and find out their recommendations of articles, books, organizations and resources that would be most helpful in Freeing Our Daughters From Domestic Violence.

Here is a working list of experts people have suggested to this point for our consideration…


I am very excited about this project and hope I can count on your support. I would truly appreciate it if you would be willing to participate in occasional online conversations sharing your knowledge and experience.

I know if we all pull together we will be able to help Free Our Daughters From Domestic Violence.

Jodi Kessel Lyon

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