Thanks for inspiring my getting this list to you and eventually to the people! The
places below came from a 90 minute interview I had with Mayor Frank Zeidler at
his comfortable and warm lower unit in the family duplex(one daughter upstairs)
at 2921 N. 2nd St., Milwaukee, WI 53202. The living room and dining room are
filled with books and documents, but mostly books. Braudel, says Mayor
Zeidler, is the “greatest historian of the 20th Century.” Steve Dealy at the
County Historic Society has the best handle on the Socialist Party documentary
treasures. Eley’s “100 Years of Socialism” is to be read. Jeddy of Nicolet H.S.
has had students do good street studies of Milwaukee. “Under another pope,
Weakland would have been cardinal!” The Episcopalian Church at 35th &
Lisbon was a key organization to that entire area. Christian Holz, son of Judge
Marvin Holz is one worth meeting.

(l) Home of Victor Beger, S.E. Corner, lst & Clarke

(2) Another Victor Berger Home, S.W. Corner, Chambers & 2nd

(3) First St. Hilltop Home of Milwaukee’s first printer, Daniel Richards

   This was destroyed  recently by fire.  

(4) American Motors Plant at Richards to lst., on Capital to the North(now a

                    Site of great strikes by UAW Local 75

(5) Mecanicsvillege, Humboldt, north of Kern Park

(6) Brisbane Hall, N.E. Corner 6th & Juneau

                     Torn down for freeway

(7) First Major Low Income Housing Project, with African American tenants

                      and European American Realtor/Population Conflict

(8) John Reid Club and Labor Union Building, 3rd & State, N.W. Corner

                      Jerry Kahn’s Hats recently there

(9) Office of Socialist Party, City Tavern, 1011 N. 3rd

(10) Labor Council & Socialist Party Hdqutrs, Metropol Block

                      Now vacant lot South of Usinger’s, building burned 1975, 55                          
                       businesses lost.

(11) Chris Holz’ Barber Shop, Lisbon, 2 blds. east of 25th, northside of street

        19th Branch of Socialist Party

                        Hannah Morris Beimueller first spoke for socialized medecine,
                        which inspired the creation of Blue Cross/Blue Shield by the
                        business class.

(12) Turners’ Hall, 1034 N. 4th

                         Not quite “free thinkers,” w. “Idea of Reason Advanced”

(13) Freethinkers Hall, 4th & State, now Journal Building

(14) To the West of 27th St. Viaduct, Main Shops, Milwaukee Road

                         Major strikes, for 8 hour day 1886
                         Major strike, 1922, switchmen

(15) To the West of 16th St. Viaduct, along the Menomonee River

         Great Coal Hoists, for iron, from ships

                          In 1918 the McNamara Brothers blew them up in
                          labor conflict

That’s all for now. More to come!

Clear sailing,


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