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George Wendel

I first heard about “Doc” Wendel sometime during the 1964 election, pitting LBJ against Barry Goldwater. George was passionately committed to LBJ’s victory, the war on poverty, the civil rights advances of the LBJ program, and astonished at the radicalism manifest by the “extremism in defense of liberty” Republican Goldwater. Classes with Wendel were very much conversations on the burning topics of the day, with the last 5 or 10 minutes of the class devoted to the subject matter, narrowly conceived.

I, like many others, decided to major in political science in great measure due to the intensity and intellectual thrill of an encounter with a brilliant “exuberant” like George Wendel.

I will build upon these initial thoughts I hope with the help of others of George’s friends and students, perhaps even family! Wendel had a great impact on some of St. Louis U’s most committed students.

Wendel Students Project at St. Louis U.

It would be such a win-win drama were someone from the St. Louis U. community, be they alumni, faculty, retired faculty, boomer volunteers whoever, would spend a day or two in some archives recording the names of the graduates of various departments George was either head of or one of the leading, probably, the leading light of.

Once we got those names, we go to the St. Louis U. student directory already compiled and begin phoning and e-mailing or letter writing, collecting stories about each graduate and stories about their experiences with great teachers like your Father.

This same sweet drama could be carried out for the great teachers of other departments.

Creating an on-line community of Wendel’s “Intellectual Offspring” would make Ignatius’ face ache from a grin as wide as would ensue!

kul am u-into bcheer, peace, love, light and happiness ,


Al Montesi on Wendel

Subject: George Wendell
From: “albert J. Montesi” <>

I have no sly or funny anecdote about GW. I found him one of the huge
lights in a small university. Conmingled with his sunny and cheerful
pesonality was a wisdom that St Louis badly needed. With his knowledge of demographics and local politics he added immeasurably to the life world of the city We were blessed to have had him. It is an honor to celebrate his life.

When I went several years ago to the local hospital for a minor
operation, George was there waiting to be admitted to surgery himself.
The shocking thing that occurred afterwards shook the whole town. I was
one of the last of his friends to see him. I will remember this moment

Al Montesi

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