In my role as an apprentice renaissance peddler, I am exploring the
marketplace for some of my artisinal, artist, and knowledge worker
clients, with an eye toward peddling some of their wares for unusual holiday gifts.

Please peruse this list and let me know if any interest you enough for you to hear more. Or, would you like to offer something for the Milwaukee
Renaissance Holiday Gift Catalogue.

Would it not be nice if Milwaukee did not leave Milwaukee for its Holiday shopping?

No need for freeway trips to malls this Holiday Season with the help of the fine artists, artisans, and knowledge workers of the Milwaukee Renaissance
on-line and/or at Bucketworks.


The Milwaukee Renaissance Holiday Gift Catalogue will grow as my heroes’ imagination attends to this task.

Here are some of my initial Milwaukee Renaissance offerings for your holiday gift giving to those you love.

  • CheapAndHipWorkStations at Bucketworks in downtown Milwaukee, next to helpful young computer wizards

  • MartialArtsClass for Women & Girls on KK in Historic Bay View or at Bucketworks

  • CraftWorkshops(many media) to help children and spouses make thoughtful holiday gifts

  • An evening of SufiPoetry, Rumi & Hafiz, and lamb dinner at Lula’s East African Cafe

  • A party at VillaTerrace or Pabst Mansion room

  • Bed & Breakfast evening or weekend at the AcanthusInn in Historic Concordia

  • CustomComicBooks or Serious Study of Your Family’s Stories

  • A banquet at the WisconsinAfricanAmericanWomensClub

  • An office consultation with Dr. AbaloNunyakpe, who is degreed in Chinese and American medicine, 8 years in Beijing, 8 years in N. Dakota.

  • Workshop, On-Line or Face to Face, on a “Good Death” by SkySchultz, including custom wood coffins and advice on a very low cost but loving “transition”

  • Workshops for Girls and Women on HomeandAutoRepair

  • Milwaukee City Scenes by ShelbyKeefe

  • House Portraits by NinaManiscalco

  • Backstreet Milwaukee Funky Neighborhood and Historic PlaceTours

  • Workshops and Mentoring on E-Mailing, Googling, Address Book Construction & Use, Web Site, and Blogs with “easy” instructors, price and character

wise, in fun settings, e.g. Bucketworks or cyber cafes.

  • Workshops, on line or face to face, on QuittingYourJob and starting your own small business

  • Modestly priced VideoAndPhotoShoots at your locations

  • Political consulting & lobbying to get a StreetNamed for one of your heroes

  • Workshop, on-line or in-person, on Grantsmanship, including Tess Reis City of Milwaukee, FacadeGrantConsultation and/ or application assistance for small business owners/operators.

  • PlasterWork on damaged walls or ceilings

  • CustomCopperGutters

  • Cleaning leaves and grime from Home’sGutters

  • ArchitecturalArt, including gargoyles with family faces immortalized

  • FauxFinish paint project

  • Furniture with FineArtEmbellishment

  • HeirloomToys for grandchildren

  • “Knowledge workers” for “just-in-time” ResponsetoFamilyCrises

  • Knowledge Worker to PerfectlyOrganize all the junk in your attic, basement, and garage and turn it into priceless heirlooms

  • FamilyTherapySession to deal with tangles of family owned business, inheritance hassles, or teen ager driving the family crazy

  • Support for finding AlternativeSchooling for family member miserable at current school situation

  • WritingWorkshops, on-line or in-person

  • Help EstablishingBusinessRelations in Canada, New Zealand, and Canada

  • Workshop, on-line or in-person, on NeighborhoodOrganizing

  • Help interfacing with service providers for HomeImprovementProjects in 2005

  • RemodelingProjectDesign, contracting, and execution for 2005

  • Knowledge Worker SpecialBrownBagLunches from Groppi’s Market

  • ChildCare in your home for an overnight escape with your honey


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