July 1, 2004

I have a friend who is starting a yahoo group for people needing ramps to get into public buildings. It’s caled

Accessibility Warriors.

If you or any friends would like to help this group develop some power, sign on by subcribing to


Clear sailing…

July 1, 2004

Dear All,

My friend Tom Schmitt has just started a yahoo group called Accessibility Warriors.

The Accessibility Warriors will be discussing ways of promoting and defending the interests of people wishing easier accessibility to public places, e.g. ramps.

To join, you or yours can go to:


or send an e-mail to Tom at deniseandtom@netzero.net and he’ll send an invitation.

Clear sailing,

I don’t know if we sent this out or not.

Dear Staffers of Independence First,

A new yahoo group has been formed, i.e. Accessibility Warriors.

The purpose is to enable people with accessibility issues of a broad variety to give voice to their interests, to promote and defend the good fight for accessibility.

To subscribe to this group, either send an e-mail my way and I’ll send you an invitation.

Or, send an e-mail to “accessibility_warriors-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.


Dear All(continued),

There are some who believe a yahoo group that gives “voice” to accessibility issues will soon become a political group that promotes and defends the interests of people with accessibility issues.

I have been part of yahoo groups organized around neighborhood conversation that have crystallized into very effective neighborhood organizations in real space.

What say?

Clear sailing,


Dear All,

I am working with a number of people to foster greater accessibility to public places and information.

A number of us are launching a yahoo group called “Accessibility Warriors,” with Tom Schmitt as original founder and moderator. This group is at this point simply a “village square where people hang out and talk” or a “village well” in cyberspace.

More later.

Happy Fourth!

What say?

Dear All,

The Accessibilty Warriors yahoo group can be accessed by sending an e-mail to accessibility_warriors-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. It’s a new tool established by Tom Schmitt to promote and defend the interests of people who wish enhanced access to public places, starting with folks on wheels, but including other “access” issues like internet empowerment for the working classes.

Barbara’s note will be published to the group. Please forward this invitation to join to friends you know with an eye on “access.” Lots of boomers will soon join the ranks of those who can use a ramp to get inside some places.


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