E-Mail Sent 1/29/05 to Introduce Jodi to Wiki Web Site Daughters Free From Domestic Violence

Dear Jodi,

Please go to this site

and let me know if you can read the first page and click on to Godsil Internet Broadcasts and tell me if you were able to read that page.

Then go to the Daughters Free From Domestic Violence page.

Go to the top of that page and click “edit.”

When the new screen appears, go to the bottom and write JodiLog exactly as I wrote it, i.e. capitalize each letter but no spaces between them.

Then go to bottom of page and click on “save.”

The new page which then appears should have Jodi Log?

Click on the question mark and a new page will appear called “Jodi Log.” Erase the line at the top and begin entering what you have done on the project as far as phone calls to which of your old teachers, their e-mail addresses, and any e-mails you have sent out. For those, copy the text of the e-mail and then go to the ‘log page “ and paste what you sent out as e-mail.

Let me know if you need some help to interpret this at 414 232 1336 or e-mail me.

Your picking up wiki web power will be of great value to you for this course and in your career!

Clear sailing,



Dear Jodi,

You are preparing to make a great mark around a theme crucial to our futures.

It is my pleasure and honor to participate in your “hero quest.”

I hope you can find time to visit the Women’s Center and talk with the people who best knew Carol Seaver, who founded the project dedicated to serving a population often forgetten, elderly women subject to domestic abuse.

Save Our Daughters can also mean Save Our Grandmothers!

God bless,


March 12, 2005
Dear Mathi and Jodi,

It is my honor to introduce you two who share a commitment to ending domestic violence. Jodi, Mathi is a progressive Catholic priest from South Africa here at Marquette University for 2 years to acquire even more skills and tools for his role as Media & Communications Officer Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference (SACBC). When I “googled” Mathibela Sebothoma I found this reference to his and his comrades work on child abuse.


Mathi, Jodi is a sociology student from UWM and my intern for a project aiming to provide a web site resource for the struggle againt violence in the home against our daughters.


It will be great for the cause when you two meet!

God bless,


Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference

Media Statement

Immediate, 11 August 2004


Child sexual abuse thrives on secrecy. If the evil is to be eradicated, then the secrecy must be broken”, said the Bishops at the conclusion of their plenary session at Mariannhill today.

The SACBC has in place a Protocol (a policy and procedures document) to enable to investigate all allegations and has pledged itself to report every case of child sexual abuse to the civil authorities. This is in line with Church policy worldwide. Pope John Paul II has said “there is no room in the Catholic priesthood for those who would harm the young”.

It is not enough to have procedures in place if only a limited number of Christians know about those procedures.

Consequently the Bishops are publishing a pamphlet for distribution to all Catholics through local parishes. The pamphlet gives a summary of the SACBC policy and an outline of its procedures.

It calls on all its members to report every allegation.

Child abuse is a serious sin and a crime. It thrives on secrecy and this secrecy must be broken. The Church calls on society in general to break the secrecy surrounding child sexual abuse and encourages every person who hears of cases of this evil to report to the relevant authorities.

For more information

Father Vincent Brennan

Father Mathibela Sebothoma and Father Efrem Tresoldi

082 229 4614 082 325 9820

Father Mathibela Sebothoma

Media & Communications Officer

Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference (SACBC)

PO Box 941



Phone: 012 323 6458

Fax: 012 326 6218

Cell: 082 229 4614

Visit our website: www.sacbc.org.za

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