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Subject: Help Grow Web Site Resource to Free Our Daughters from Domestic Violence
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Dear All,

I am teaming up with a UWM Sociology Intern, Jodi Kessel Lyon, on a project called “Daughters Free from Domestic Violence.”

Jodi and the partners to this project will be creating a web site called

Daughters Free From Domestic Violence



This web site is a wiki site, which means that you are invited to help construct it with us.

My first job for this project is to ask my on-line friends, neighbors, and allies this question:

  1. Who in Milwaukee has the most to offer the community and our families by way of knowledge and experience useful to those who would work to free our daughters from domestic violence?

We hope to identify 10 of Milwaukee’s finest authorities regarding strategies to free our daughters from domestic violence.

If you have any ideas to post for the group or myself, just do an e-mail.

If you would like to do a bit more for this cause, go to the wiki site and phone for some help in learning how to use it and help us grow the web site dedicated to freeing our daughters from domestic violence.

What say?

Clear sailing,


Note: we hope this project will be useful for experiments in distant learning projects as steps toward development of the Wisconsin Institute of Internships for Social Enterprise, to have one small work station at the Soldiers Home, the NAACP Offices, and Timbuktu, an African Music and World Culture Venue. We will be documenting our progress at


It is hoped that the success will be such that there will be developed other internships along these lines on equally worthy causes, e.g. Free Our Sons from Domestic Violence, Internet Empower the Working Classes of Milwaukee, etc. Eventually some grant money or users fees will show up to support the “Institute for Interns for Social Enterprise,” an idea with legs, whose time has come.

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