Sent l/29/05

Dear Cleo and Sandy,

It is my honor and my pleasure to introduce you both to Jodi Kessel Lyon, whose project is described in the post below that I will be sending many of my lists.

I hope that Jodi will either e-mail you both with a bit of information about herself and the project or phone you. Eventually, when God and Nature allow it, Jodi will meet you both, perhaps at Timbuktu, the Soldiers Home, or the Offices of the NAACP.

I also hope that Jodi and my project will lead toward the day this Summer or next Fall when each of you has a sociology intern for some of your worthy projects. Perhaps Jodi! We will be documenting this internship as we create it and hope it results in such great stuff that the money will chase Jodi and her internship mentors throughout her graduate school career, which will involve a specialization on “Community Counseling,” around issues of battered women, inmate reintroduction to society, shelters, boys and girls clubs, and academic advising in urban settings.

I am omitting the post to Bay View Matters I copied for Sandy & Cleo, form 1/29/05

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