Reinforcement for the Culture Heroes of Milwaukee, Tony Forman

Dear Tony,

What a greatly welcomed letter!


What good work your ancestors must have done to find you landing in your social role spearheading the Cultural Alliance of Greater Milwaukee.

I would very much enjoy sharing stories of my and my allies projects and visions.

We would very much enjoy hearing of your ambitions for the next 12 months in your new role.

I would also very much like to offer you on-line introductions to Milwaukee’s most exuberant and accomplished artist entrepreneurs. Methinks mighty collaborations are in the making!

I would, to end for now, also appreciate your permission to forward our communication to social enterprisers and artists in Milwaukee and beyond, and place it in the Bucketworks wiki participatory web site, James Carlson, Tegan Dowling, Virginia Cassel, Cleo Pruitt, Vince Bushell, Tess Reiss,
Dave Boucher, Kat Keller, and others will be helping us grow.

Welcome to Milwaukee if you are new to our fair city.

Congratulations if you’re a home town boy who has found this office seeking you out.

Clear sailing,


Dear Tony,

If the Spirit moves you, please roam around the nooks and crannies of the Milwaukee Renaissance@Bucketworks. Please let me know if it is ok for me to post our correspondance in the “Culture Projects” section.



Dear Tony,

If you don’t yet have a web site, I strongly recommend you talk with James S. Carlson of Bucketworks, re their participatory cheap easy to use no web master “wiki” software, accessible to you for about 3 classes at $15 a pop.

In my next letter I’ll send a letter about James, who was also featured in “Vital Source” feature story. His shop, Bucketworks, is at 1319 N. MLK, right where downtown becomes MLK.


Here it is!

From: “Nancy Kampmeier” <>
Subject: [MARN] Fw: Buckwetworks Happenings This Week


I am passing this info on to you. I’m sure that some of you have heard of
Bucketworks. Read below, go their site at Get a
feel for what it has to offer us.

Bucketworks is a very healthy asset for our city. It’s a venue for theater,
a party, giving a class, taking a class, corporate team building, having an
art exhibit, and whatever else you can think of! It’s a place where you
can ----explore materials, brainstorm, build, discover, make it your own.
Go there, look around, think about how you could use it, and then…go for
it! It’s still in its infancy stage so it’s open to ideas, and open to all.

I send this to those of you interested in a broad range of ideas:
intelligence, creativity, business, family, kids, teaching, investing,
Milwaukee, possibilities. Bucketworks is really a gift to Milwaukee. Like
all of us, they also could use some gifts: word of mouth, corporate
interest, diverse use, members, creators, teachers, users, joiners, helpers,
funders, donators. Mostly, Bucketworks needs gift recipients. Go and
receive. At least take a tour!

Bucketworks is not only a place for “the artsy” crowd. James, the man who
“carries the ‘Bucket’”, is brilliant. He’s very multifaceted: heavily
trained in the corporate world, very creative, highly intellectual, very
scientific, full of energy. His crew is inspirational. Bucketworks is
worth a look… and at this time of year….making a few Christmas items.
Look at what Bucketworks is right now. But also…..look at what it could
be with you “in the Bucket”. I think it is more than worthwhile for the
people of Milwaukee.

Please pass this on to anyone who hasn’t “kicked the Bucket”!


Nancy Angelini Kampmeier

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