Godsil’s Ecstatic Presentation of the Concatenation of “Wariables” Offering the Start of an Explanation of the Issue a Fair Bill for the Blewett’s Gang’s Food at Human Rights Day, Timbuktu on Center in Riverwest

I love that I can type so fast
And set the record straight.

“No such thing as straight in nature,”
Does not inhibit my best shot.

The deal is never fixed in granite,
New aspects unfailingly appear.

It’s the context, sweetheart.
The myriad of unanticipated “issues.”

Getting back to the food.
Eagen sent $250 from D.C. for that.

I told the Blewett crowd
I’d do my best to spend a bit less.

How to know how many will show?
How to act to grow an evening that glows?

So I told Omar to be modest with the food,
To create with a budget of $150 for 30 or so.

I asked he offer vegetables and breads, no meat,
Be prepared for 50 to 100.

Now please pause and learn a bit
About Omar’s situation.

A Somalian who literally lost everything
During the Civil War.

Began as a cabbie in Milwaukee,
Dreamed of expanding our people’s soul.

Timbuktu finds Omar at the helm
With a very green crew.

The other day I asked
If he’d been able to pay himself his wages.

Not yet, he replied,
But we’ll get there.

And then he talked about
The issue of race.

I’m being called a racist
Said my quite dark Prince of Africa.

The African American cook
And Omar the accused.

Omar’s blood pressure is dangerously

He dreamed of never firing anyone,
I said “Let me help with this.”

So the afternoon of Blewett and Human Rights,
The cook is a last minute no show.

There are a number in attendance
Who very clearly express their displeasure.

Omar’s partner Youssouff is scrambling
With Fidel in the kitchen, anxious sweat.

About 45 to 60 minutes late
The samboosa is ready.

I play joyful waiter (I “am” joyful)
And the people love the food.

I am emphatic in my song of
“Don’t you worry, ‘bout a thing.”

About 60 samboosa are passed out
And the people are thrilled. $90.

Then the artichoke garlic dip
About 20 full servings worth. $60.

All are happy,
Except Youssouff.

Youssouff is a devout Muslim,
Who thinks he owes the people more.

He feels very bad (I mean very bad)
About making people wait.

So Youssouff starts making some dishes
Of meat, about 20 plates worth. $150.

He does not plan on charging.
This is his gift for the cook’s mistake.

He does not know about Eagen’s $250.
He thinks its the right thing to do, period.

While I respect Youssouf’s good intentions,
I do not plan on Omar “eating” that extra $150.

So when you arrived and offered to pay for the food,
I interpreted those words to mean “you would pay for the food.”

The new context, through the very clear maze of my mind,
Has $250 as the price that Mary the Mother of Christ would pay.

The $250 can come from $150 from Julilly and $100 from Eagen.
Or the whole bill can come from Eagen or Julilly.

But $250 is the bill the grand chorus of my minds advisers
Have firmly fixed as “the just price.”

It is also important to me that Omar get his money today.
That is important enough that I will phone you in the morning.

I will probably get your answering machine.
Please call me back at 232 1336 and say what you plan to do.

If you don’t call me by 4 p.m. I will call the Blewett office
And let Eagen pay the bill.

I’m sorry that events conspired
To grow specters of venality at Human Rights Day in your mind.


Darwinian residues and imperfect information
Will tend to sully, or appear to sully, the more sacred of occasions.

I am so blessed to type fast
And march my sweet ones, like you, right through the facts.

Allow the truth its slow time to emerge.
Be careful to make hasty judgements of poets and their heroes.

This can be the start of the Great American Novel,
Sparked by the events of the first Human Rights Day in the USA.



Let’s seek partners, near and afar
Presenting reasons for partnering for transcendence,
Guided by the golden rule and golden mean.

Different levels of partnering,
Nanosecond partners, who allow themselves awareness,
Modest supporters and full fledged engages’.

Let’s seek easy conversations with our partners,
Shared stories and visions,
Experiments in actions around shared interests.

From each according to their ability and resources,
To each according to their contribution,
Useful concepts at this stage of history?

Experimental project teams
For truth, justice, and beauty,
Liberty, equality, and community?

Partnering for accelerated adaptations
Autocatalytic creations,
Support corporations for self-managed firms?

Reciprocal altruism and win-win games,
Energy equals MC 3, Masses for
communion, communications, and compassion.

On a more prosaic plain,
Why not a vision of a Nobel Peace Prize
For a neighborhood, say, Riverwest.

Why should Nobel Peace Prizes
Reinforce individual charisma,
So often a source of calamity?

Why not a Nobel Peace Prize
For Charismatic Neighborhoods or Villages,
Global “Golden” and “Rainbow” Urban Villages.

Godsil on Human Rights Day
Timbuktu in Riverwest
Milwaukee USA
March 21, 2005

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