Re: [milwaukeepreservationalliance] FW: Walgreen’s

Dear Virginia, and Milwaukee Preservation Alliance;

Walgreens, as I understand it, has had all city guidelines related to zoning niceties (for setback, drive thru, etc.) waived at the National Ave site (including National Liquor Bar). How lovely. Whether the area is designated historic or not, this is highly destructive of the old city streetscape, is no gift to the character of the city, and shows the lazy thinking of our public officials.

Obviously I am personally against such uncontrolled surrender of our built environment, neighborhoods, and local color, for a few low wage jobs, and have no sympathy for Walgreens desire to be everywhere.

I do think however, that if the idea is for MPA to mount some kind of real campaign, that because buildings on these blocks are not designated or seen as “important” landmarks, that grass roots resistance in that area will have to exist and request our organization’s support (we can ask). If this is not forthcoming, we should simply (at least) issue a clear statement of concern and opposition (if the organization should choose), so that we do not come to be thought of as an organization asleep as Rome (ours) burns piece by piece.

Best, Geoff Grohowski

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