Dear Rachel,

Here are some concepts for you and yours to consider.

(l) In each major U.S. city there are yahoo groups organized around the peace movement, the green party, urban ecologists, neighborhood activists, environmentalism, GLBTs, and the left wing of the Democratic Party, especially the Deanites.

Were you to be able to find the James Godsil’s of each city you would be able to connect with these groups effortlessly. You could find the Godsil’s by discovering the major “public intellectuals” of the major unviersities in each city and asking them who are the city’s major “internet broadcasters.” Cultivate them a bit and you will have a great promotional resource with very little effort. It would be so nice if you could get some student interns to do this kind of work and get course credit for it.

(2) The NAACP may be the most venerable civil rights institution in the USA, if not the world. It is a glorious institution awaiting some fresh blood and concepts. I propose the concept of a New Civil Rights Movement for the 21st Century, sparked by a Rainbow Grand Allliance of the groups your work supports, maybe launched at the Soldiers Home “Rebirth of Freedom Commemoration.”


(3) Targeted Teachers and Professors

The web sites of every college and most city public schools offer the names and e-mail addresses of teachers of social science, ethnic history and culture, pre-law and educatonal psychology. To find the person in each city who has been developing a data base of these teachers or develop networks of student interns who would develop and learn to use such data basis would be of great value for your book and the “movement.”

(to be continued)

Why not?


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