I am outraged as the passivity with which Milwaukee’s “opinion leaders” have tolerated the outrageous characterization of Milwaukee as “the most segregated(read racist) city in the USA.” I think this demeaning stereotype is rooted less in fact and more in negative stereotpyes of people who work in factories, are of eastern or southern European or German heritage, or who enjoy leisure activities like bowling, hunting, or drinking beer in neighborhood taverns.

When Mark Belling made a racist remark about Latinos a few weeks back, hundreds of Milwaukeeans from all of our class and identity groups showed up to protest. The “Sherpherd Express” ran a cover story of considerable depth and vigorously argued that our public air waves are no place for hate speech.

Please send a short e-mail to the “Shepherd” to go on record around this important issue. It is very important that our newspaper publishers get feedback from us when they take on vital issues like this. Please send you e-mail to


I would very much appreciate your sending a “cc” of that letter to and permission to include your letter in this web site on the “Milwaukee Renaissance.”

If you send this letter and me a carbon, I will serve as your “delivery boy” sometime this winter and drive you carry out food from Lula’s East African Cafe, Timbuktu, or the Riverwest Co-op. This offer is restricted to people who live 20 minutes or less from Bay View or Riverwest. Delivery boys do not pay for your food, but they do pay for the gas, wear and tear to the car, and their labor power spent on the delivery. If you want to give me a tip for my troubles, you will be allowed to do so.

What say?

Clear sailing,


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