There were wooden sidewalks, hitching posts and gas lights at 8th and Michigan Streets when this building, now the oldest building in Milwaukee Public Schools System, was built in 1884. The building pictured here is the third on the site. Over the years, the schools have had many names: Fourth Ward School, Plankington School, Fourth District School, Eight Street School, North Division Downtown Campus, Urban Day School (a private school rented the building from 1969–1972), Fulton Junior High School Annex, and finally Eight Street School where Project Stay Alternative High School is now located. More than 370 teachers, 34 principals, and 10 assistant principals have staffed the school over the years.

The present school building replaced a structure built in 1857 and which had been remodeled and and repaired several times. On Feb. 18th, 1884, the students were moved to temporary quarters in the Exposition Building, the forerunner of the auditorium, and the old school was torn down. The new building opened Oct. 8th, 1884.

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