Urgent Informational Release:
Contact Person: Barbara Leigh, 347–1684; fax: 347–1690; e-mail: bleigh@execpc.com


While I was enjoying a backyard picnic on East Meinecke and Dousman this past Sunday, July 18th, my tricycle was stolen out of my friendís pick-up truck. If it were an ordinary tricycle, not a big deal. Unfortunately, I am partially paralyzed from an accident and my tricycle has been my most precious companion. It is a very special, one-of-a-kind vehicle called a ďRockíN Roll” that operates with two drive systems, so I can use my arms—and get a bit of exercise with my legs as well. Thanks to my tricycle I have been able to get out into the woods, on trails and in places where it would be much more difficult to maneuver with my wheelchair. Plus itís my major form of exercise. And itís handpainted—glow-in-the-dark white paint with circles and spirals in blue, red and purple. (I call it ďAboriginal RosemallingĒ. As the co-founder of Milwaukee Public Theatre I also have ridden it in parades and had intended to create a puppet stage on it.

Itís not a vehicle that would be very useful to anyone else, as itís very slow—and terrible on hills. But it is very beloved to me.

If there is any way you can help me by publishing an announcement about it—and even showing a picture—it would be so wonderful. And if whoever took it could simply leave it with my friends at 1139 E. Meinecke, there will be no questions asked. Or if someone sees it, please call Katherine at 414–372–7617.

Thank you for your help.

James Ivens. The State Park Guy.

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