Some raw material from daily rounds during March 2005 toward a “Human Movement.”

  • On line nanosecond mentoring for creative class training and development

  • Student Interns Work to Develop New NAACP Donor List So No Corporations or Professionals are Left Behind

  • On Line Task Force for Nobel Peace Prize Project for NAACP, Riverwest, Soldiers Home, and City of Milwaukee sometime during the 2010s

  • Help Inspire Men to Check for Colon and Prostate Cancer

  • Alliance and “Creative Culture Schools like 8th St., New School, Develop Internships for Riverwest Co-Op and Co-Op Movement. Internships to develop the Soldiers Home Co-Op. Theo Liscomb, Karl Hedman, Amy, and Curry come to mind.

  • Modregano Spain Cooperative Industries, Fortis knows a lot about

  • Course Credits to start family and personal business, social enterprise, foundation, or movement

  • Idea Spark for Creatives and Social Enterprisers

  • Juanita at Idea Spark on Historic Window and Woodworking Institute and Work Team Development

  • Students as Renaissance Makers

(to be continued)

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