Here is the place where I will store the story
Of my inspiration by Roy.
Our fates are somehow intertwined.
Here are some of the concepts and visions
Flowing from my spirit and mind, my soul,
Inspired by Roy.

A Jury of My Peers Gave Roy $500, The Judge Gave $26,000

Is Roy’s Unctious Craven My Gift of Grace

When I told the rich man’s wife it would be wise to calm down,
As she spit and sputtered in my face with red rage,
And perhaps her lawyer could talk with my lawyer
And sort a complex but simple story out…

I expected a man, but got instead
A beast of prey in a 3 piece suit.

Will I merit the transformation of this bloodied experience
Into a source of light and love?

Will Roy inspire me to drink less coffee
And drink more tea?
Eschew toxic industrial food?

Will it become easier to share information in a way
That is received by young apprentice learners?

Having learned the difference between right and wrong at 50,
Then heard it with a willing ear at 60,
Will my drama with Roy move me toward that cosmic quest
That finds my mind’s eye in harmony with The Way of the Friend?

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