Here is a letter I sent on this subject to:

Anne Basting,
Director, Center on Age and Community
P.O. Box 413
Milwaukee, WI 53201
p 414.229.2732
f 414.229.2713

November 28, 2004

Dear Anne,

I have been introduced to the existence of an organization called Senior Net Computer Learning Centers. This organization has some funding from eBay to teach seniors how to successfully sell things on eBAy. I’m told they set up such centers in new cities for about $6,000.

I very much hope to have on-line conversations with people who work with seniors or who might want to work with seniors on projects similar to those discussed herein.

Methinks the fine young Americans at Bucketworks or “Just In Time Knowledge Workers” in Bay View and the West Side have the capacity to do what Senior Net Computer Learning Centers do and more.

  • Classes at Bucketworks or wherever(could be at Svens or Timbuktu in Riverwest!) to teach seniors (and juniors!) how to set up e-mail accounts, address books, use search engines, and various software programs of different levels of complexity, e.g. wiki web site creation.

  • Classes that would help Seniors(or juniors) learn how to create on-line groups through resources like yahoogroups and wiki webs.

  • Create an on-line task force that would support a NAACP Soldiers Home Tribute and membership drives for NAACP and Soldiers Home Foundation.

  • On-line task force that would harness the power of the internet to advance Milwaukee’s cultural and heritage tourism industry. There are, for example, thousands of “cultural tourists” in MIchigan with public e-mail addresses who would be completely intrigued to be told about the wondrous destinations in our historic neighborhoods, e.g. history professors at Michigan colleges and universities who could come on over via the Lake Express and spend some money at the shops of Bay View Artists while visiting Groppi’s Market, Puddler’s Hall, the site of the Bay View Massacre, KK, the Basilica, and so on.

Clear sailing,


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