Dear Jim, Tina, David, James, Tegan, Cleo, Mathi, Sura and Virginia,

Jim Otepka
Director of Training
Homeboyz Interactive
p: 414.672.3346

“And you thought the streets were tough.”

I wonder if Jim Otepka of Homeboyz knows Tina Owens of the Alliance, School, David Neverant of 8th St. School, James Carlson of Bucketworks, Tegan Dowling of Emergency Digital, Cleo Pruitt of Bridge Works and the “Rebirth of Freedom” at the Soldiers Home, Sura Faraj of “Queer Life” and Connexus, Virginia Cassel of the Milwuakee Preservation Alliance and Young Women’s School for Global Learning.

It would be my honor to meet you all at the Soldiers Home for the May Day Gathering, to celebrate Mary’s Day in honor of the feminine aspect of the Divine, and Joseph’s Day to honor to workers of the world. My thoughts on the day involve simple walks around the grounds and occasional prayer and voice as the Spirit moves the people.

I would also hope we could get together at Bucketworks, the NAACP offices, and Timbuktu sometime to explore harnessing the power of the internet for cultural revolution required to realize the “unifinished business” of the American Revolution.

And finally, the images of Cleo Pruitt’s “Rebirth of Freedom Celebration” at the Soldiers Home on July 11, starting around 4 include all of us and those with whom we work and play having a great time on this very great day! includes an on-line “Journal of Social Enterprise” I hope each of you will consider submitting a piece for this week, even if its an old one.

Happy Easter!


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