Jim Spice set up the GoBayView.com web site, which he graciously opened to the Bay View Neighborhood Association. Jim is spearheading the Save the Avalon Theater Movement in Milwaukee. Here’s one example of Jim’s ability.


Hello All:

No, I haven’t forgotten obout the discussion from a couple weeks back.
I put together a private area where we can gather, discuss, plan,
connive or what have you. Go to http://www.gobayview.com/avalon to
sign up.

Perhaps I’m being a bit anal retentive here (as opposed to my normal
expulsive self), but to do so I’m requiring that:

1. users provide an address and telephone number, and
2. I confirm identities with a quick telephone call.

I just want to make sure we are dealing with real people here, and
we’re all on a level playfield.

The site has a very brief public front page where we can keep everyone
up to date on our progress, but most of the nuts and bolts are hidden
inside. I’ve added links to some online resources, but for the most
part it’s pretty sparse right now. It’s up to all of us to start
filling it up with great ideas.

This is not just for those who are interested in financial
involvement, but anyone who would like to be involved in any way in
making sure the Avelon continues as a true neighborhood asset.

So, stop by and register and expect a quick phone call. Tell your
friends, family members (especially rich old ones) etc. to stop by and
put in their $0.02.

Jim “I know! Let’s put on a show” Spice

By the way, I happen to know that current Avalon owner Craig Ellsworth
monitors this group, or has close ties to someone who does. We’re not
trying to keep anything secret, and in fact I think one of our first
orders of business should be to sit down with him and get some idea as
to what it would take for him to move in a direction that would be
more to our liking. Got that Craig? We’re not out to get you, just
out to get the Avalon up and functional again.

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