Richard Godsil

According to my Father Joseph’s bio sketch below, my great grandfather Richard Godsil was born in Kensington, England, not far from London, in 1828. He was a schoolmaster in Dublin in 1861, and sometime after that killed by an Orangemen, according to the Family story. His wife was Elizabeth Greenwood, who blessed the family with three children, Charles, Joseph, and Mary. Joseph and Mary were sent to the home of Uncle John Godsil or San Francisco.

Elizabeth Greenwood?

Joseph Godsil I

My grandfather Joseph Godsil was orphaned along with his sister Mary and brother Charles sometime in the 1860s. He and Mary were eventually sent from the British Isles to San Francisco in the 1870s, to meet up with Uncle John, who was in the Union Army during the Civil War and owned a pub and inn. Joseph became a dock hand, moulder, and core maker, and eventually wound his way to St. Louis, where he married Mary Duncan, of a large Scottish family desribed in my Father’s bio sketch below. When she was 10, Mary worked in the Glasgow textile mills half day and went to school the other half.

My Father, Sister Jo Ann, and Duncan Godsil Aunts

This picture was taken in 1937 or 1938, after my Father had once again found work as a machinest, due to the Lend Lease Act, that found the U.S. selling armaments to Canada for use by Great Britain gearing up for World War II. The most elderly lady in the back row I think is my Father’s Aunt Isabel. The other women are his sisters, Alice, Elizabeth, Nell, and Isabel, from left to right.

My Father Joseph’s Bio Sketch

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