So here is my first photo essay about my lovely grandchildren, Kate and Rebecca. Both had birthdays this summer, Rebecca was 4 on July 5, Kate 7 on July 27. On this trip, a month after her birthday and a few days after Kate’s, Rebecca told me that she was 4 and a half, and that Kate was 7 and a half.

Grandma Karen, Chullo, Kate & Rebecca

These pictures are from Grandpa’s first visit with Kate and Rebecca in many months. I was thrilled to find them very happy to see me, not at all shy.

Posing at Grandma’s House

Our adventure was to start with vegan blueberry pancakes at the Riverwest Food Co-op.

Gearing Up for Seatbelt Challenge

Kate and Rebecca are very lucky to have one another. Mother Rachel, Grandma Karen, and Grandpa Godsil were in essence raised like “only children,” often yearning for playmates.

Loving Sisters

Both Kate and Rebecca focus around their art and reading books.

Kate Waiting for Pancakes

Rebecca at the Riverwest Co-op

After the pancakes, which all of us really liked, we took a walk around the someday historic destination Riverwest neighborhood of Clark St., between Fratney and Bremen.

At the Office of the Riverwest Currents Paper

There is a glorious outporing of mutual aid and city vitality in this neighborhood, including the Co-op, the Polish Falcons Hall(which includes a bowling alley in the basement), the Riverwest Currents Office, the office of the Vital Source magazine, the Bremen St. Cafe, Old St. Casmir’s School and Church, a Free School building, and more.

With Jan Christensen of Riverwest Currents

Following our Riverwest visit we went to the Museum on Wells St., to see the Butterfly, Rain Forest, Old Milwaukee, and Evolution exhibits.

Joyous to Be Sisters

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