Hey Mike,

Last year I went to the Labor Day Parade and left with a vow to see if I could help inspire some children of the labor movement(most all of us) arrive in 2005 and cheer the parade from the sidewalks. There were never more than 5 or 10 people per city block as parade viewers.

My thought at this point would be to reach out to different groups hoping to build progressive coalitions, including:

  • Peace Movement
  • Voter Mobilization
  • Civil Rights
  • “Identity” Groups
  • Environmental
  • Neighborhood
  • Preservation
  • Candidate Based Organizations
  • Alderman/Supervisor/State Rep Campaign Core

We could have some on-line conversations about what to do to make it work. James S. Carlson and Tegan Dowling of Bucketworks are poised to offer Bucketworks/Emergency Digital Support for a venture like this. Here is a link to help they have given other public interest causes: http://www.milwiki.org/Profiles/Groups.

If you judge this concept worthwhile, I would very much appreciate an introduction to Sheila Cochran, who I’ve had some on-line talk with, but who probably does not know me from Adam.

What say?


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