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Subject: Language Structures Thoughts: Words for Re-Visioning of Milwaukee

Old City of Milwaukee
Historic Milwaukee
Milwaukee Metro with Lake and Inland Communities

Lake Villages/Communities of Milwaukee

	From Cudahy to the South and Fox Point to the North

	From the Lake to the East and Brookfield to the West

Inland Villages/Communities of Milwaukee

	From Greenfield on the South and Menomonee Falls on the North

	From Elmgrove on the East to Waukesha on the West

Inspired by the Bag Lady of Timbuktu
who may visit Timbuktu on Center and Booth
This coming Tuesday, Jan. 17, from 7 to 8 p.m.
The night before Milwaukee Saves the Lakefront from the Warship

The Bag Lady

I am the bag lady in every city,

I have a spot on every street.

My sacks are full of holiness

so I have come to peddle,
To touch your feet.

I give Myself
to Myself on rare occasions because
I am so very shy.

Hafiz, the monarchs of this world
Are but slaves to thee

Since the Beloved took His seat
In your eye.

I am the bag lady in every city.
I am playing divine music in every world.

My sacks are full of holiness.
I am asking,

May I please bow
to you.


It is by the most beloved of Persian poets, Hafiz, who lived from around 1320 to 1390 in Shiraz. Hafiz I’m told was a widely read in Timbuktu, as early as 1492. This glorious trading center of North and Central Africa had 4 mosques and 100,000 citizens. The mystic Sufi Islamic tradition, from which Rumi and Hafiz hailed, was considerable in its presence. Goethe, Emerson, Nietzche, Pushkin, Turgenev, Carlyle, and Lorca loved Hafiz.

Spread the word!

The poetry of Sufi mystics and peace loving Islamic universalists Rumi & Hafiz at Timbuktu!

There will be a web spot for “language therapy and renewal” at, at which point do a search for Milwaukee Renaissance Language Therapy and Renewal.

Clear sailing,


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