To Milwaukee Greens and Peace Action in Hopes of Inspiring Action to Make Milwaukee Destination for National Leaders of the American Left

I think Milwaukee would be served and the world would be served if we rolled out the red carpet and made Milwaukee a destination, a gathering place, convention site, and fun place to relax during the summer months for the left wing leaders across the land.

We have a rich and deep left wing heritage that would be inspiring for our lefty visitors. Frank Zeidler gave me about 25 places still standing that were the site of major left-wing organizations or events. There are still surviving people like Frank and somewhat younger who could serve as tour guides. All kinds of our old working class neighborhoods are still intact. There is increasing cooperation among the left wing “identity groups,” as is being manifest in the Fire Belling Project.

The NAACP will be holding its national convention in Milwaukee from July 9 through July 14 this summer. They are looking for European, Latino, Asian, and Original Americans to consider becoming members of the NAACP, which is not and never has been just an African American organization.

This link at my new self-managed “wiki web site,” which you are welcome to learn how to create for your own use, contains some information about an up and coming left African American leader currently running for Mayor of New York, Charles Barron, along with the names and e-mail addresses of the staff of the Institute for Policy Studies, one of the most significant think tanks on the left this nation has produced.

Anyone wishing to work on this project, please feel free to call me at 232 1336 or just respond to this letter.

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