Subject: RE: May 1 Soldiers Home Gathering, Tribute to Women & Workers
From: “Ken Leinbach” <>
To: <>

Thanks Jim, This project is a dream come true…

Enjoy the Day!

Ken Leinbach - Executive Director
Urban Ecology Center
Riverside Park
1500 E. Park Place
Milwaukee, WI 53211
414–964–8505, x101

Dear Ken,

May I let the people know that a man who has made the contribution you have made to big city enlightenment around the epochally critical issue of ecology welcomes Women’s Day and Workers’ Day at the Soldiers Home, even if you may not be able to make it.

This would make you a “Nanosecond Partner,” of great value for the New American Cultural Revolution addressing the “Unfinished Business” of the First American Revolution and the Taliban barbarians at our gates, internal and externally speaking.

What say?


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