This went to Laura Martin of “Vital Source” a month before 2004.

There are a number of people who are suggesting that Historic
Milwaukee, i.e. Milwaukee city proper, is possibly on the edge of some
kind of “renaissance.” Would you do a thought experiment in your
minds eye and accept this hypothesis as “true” for a while. With this
assumption, would you then reflect upon the past 20 years in Milwaukee
and speak to “moments” that you remember that lend support to this
renaissance idea. A couple of examples that come from my life were
the evening back in around 1985 that I went into Stracotta’s bowling alley one night and saw a bowling league filled with working class whites
and working class blacks. Another was when I went down to the Milwaukee
River and saw about 20 young Americans cleaning out a century’s worth
of garbage that people had thrown in it.

What say?


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