“Awakening From the Dream: Civil Rights Under Siege and the
New Struggle for Equal Justice” was conceived as an organizing vehicle for human rights. One of the co-editors, Professor Rachel Godsil of Seeton Hall Law School, recently promoted the book in her home town of Milwaukee. She was warmly and enthusiastically received. The book and Rachel’s visit have inspired one like myself, who has not taken the Supreme Court’s composition as seriously as I now will, to want to add the cause of human rights and the US Supreme Court to my “agenda.”

My offering to the cause is to create a web location where I will store names and contact information of legal scholars and activists across the country who might help us rally the people to oppose the court’s current erosion of rights and to inspire Congress to face up to the unfinished business of the First American revolution in terms of civil and human rights.

Professor Godsil told me that the top 3 organizations at this moment are the

*American Constitution Society

*Equal Justice Society(focused in California)

*National Campaign to Restore Civil Rights

I am looking for people to help initiate a dialogue with these and other such organizations in hopes of finding us better organized by January 2007 than we have shown ourselves to be in January 2006. If you know anyone who would search their web sites and begin corresponding with their leadership please let me know.

This web site location is a “wiki,” which means all you have to do is click “edit” and enter your information or comments, then click “save.” If you have any friends who would like to join in this “movement,” please send them to the web site


or ask they send an e-mail explaining their resources for the good fight to


This space at the Milwaukee Renaissance web site is dedicated to doing our best to advance the cause of human rights in opposing the Alito Supreme Court nomination.

We hope to discover who are the most effective grass roots organizers across the country in opposition to Alito’s confirmation, in hopes of waging a protracted, multi-generational struggle to find a United State Supreme Court that makes us proud.

If you would like to order “Awakening from the Dream” save 10% when you order online at http://www.caplaw.com or call (800) 489–7486. Profits on this book go to the
National Campaign to Restore Civil Rights.

A nice interview that summarizes some of the book’s main points is at:


May the wind be at our backs in 2006,

Old Godsil

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