Dear Jason,

I would like to approach politicians and political activists around the concept of putting together cartoon rather than printed word informationals for lots of their communications with members and the public. Cartoons evoke a “visceral” as well as “cerebral” response. Visceral responses are usually imperative if the receipient of the information is actually going to do anything about the information receveived. Cartoon imagery can live forever in a mind, when the issue burns deep and the cartoon captures the essence of that issue.

So how much would you charge your peddler to do a very rough sketch of an anti-freeway widening piece that would have something like this.

(l) Milwakee made the central city into an historic city when it blocked the freeway boys from creating a concrete monster that would have gobbled up the lakefront and lots of prime city land from the eastside to the westside.

(2) Since the 1970s freeway victory Milwaukee has been witness to a renaissance.
People from all over the world have been making Milwaukee home. Thousands of historic homes in all parts of town have been restored by new owners who love hip and diverse big city neighborhoods like Riverwest, Bay View, Brewer’s Hill, Sherman Park,
Walnut Park, Washington Heights, Walker’s Point, Layton Blvd., etc.

(3) But now the freeway boys are plotting a another concrete invasion of our historic city. They would rip up hundreds of homes and businesses so Milwaukee can be pollutted by more trucks and cars continuing the subsidization of suburban sprawl.

(4) Arouse the people.! Stop the invaders! Protect our historic city! Meet the people of CASH for an all city gathering at the Acanthus Inn, 3009 W. Highland, in Historic Concordia, Milwaukee, WI.

With the rough sketch I could take it to the organization that is doing the benefit and tell them a finished piece would cost ?????

With the same rough sketch, I could take it to the owner of the Acanthus Inn and see how much he would pay for promo pieces like that to advertise benefits at his bed and breakfast.

What say?

I am also hoping to find people who might find cartoons worth trying out for the following:

(l) Power point presentations—visceral power of cartoons.

(2) Instructional material for limited readers of the printed word—this would be helpful for non-English speakers and for those who for a variety of reasons never got into the reading experience very deeply, e.g. health providers, insurance providers, “direction” writers.


December 1, 2004 Letter to Tea Krulos (Jason Lange)

Subject: Cartoonists Witness, then Join in, Drumming Circles at Timbuktu!

Once there was a lovely site
Where all the waters met,
And people, animals, and nature communed.

And then that site was profoundly altered,
And great buildings and roads and throngs
Appeared, and communed, but differntly.

And then that site was changed again
And many people fled, fearful this place
Would die, and there would be no communing.

But then cartoonists took the blankets off the drums,
Drums that had been discarded when the factories arrived.
At Timbuktu, the cartoonists drummed.

And that place, Milwaukee, awoke.
Milwaukee began to stir. Milwaukee heard the drums
And the cartoonists sparked the awakening.

Here is what the cartoonists drummed:

Wake up. Wake up.
Wake up. Wake up.

It’s time. It’s time.
It’s time. It’s time.

Freedom. Freedom.
Freedom. Freedom.

And the cartoonists created cartoons
When they were not drumming.
And the people laughed again.

And when the people heard the cartoonists drums.
And when they read and saw their cartoons.
A revolution of consciousness occured.

And once again, there was a lovely site
Where all the waters met,
And people, animals, and nature communed.

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