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Dear Mr. Chudy,

I am hoping to inspire the winners of the Port Clinton Ohio Academic Hall of Fame to help spark a Nobel Peace Prize For Neighborhoods.

To direct the world’s and especially America’s attention to “charismatic neighborhoods” instead of charismatic individuals would be of great value for addressing the alarming decline in “civic engagement” in our new and challenged nation.

I hope to develop on-line conversations among the academic hall of famers in the smaller cities of the Great Lakes and Upper Midwest “Civilizations” around this theme.

Attention to neighborhoods coming together to win the Nobel Prize would direct our attention to building “bonds of civic trust among Americans and their communities.”(Robert Putnam)

A 20 year project among our neighborhoods to win the Nobel Prize could “ bring together leading practitioners and thinkers over a period of time to develop broad-scale, but actionable, ideas to fortify US civic connectedness.”(Robert Putnam)

Here is a letter I sent to the members of the Nobel Prize Committee and some leading intellectuals of Oslo last week. Your comments on this concept would be much appreciated.


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