NAACP Internet Empowerment of Old City Working Classes, Social Enterprise, Membership Drive, Rainbow Alliances, and “New Birth of Freedom” in Milwaukee

Dear Lester,

The nation thanks you for your excellent article on the NAACP.

What Now for the NAACP?
By Lester Kenyatta Spence, Posted December 8, 2004.

I am a “black Irish” child of the SCLC open housing marches, Chicago, 1966, and left wing causes throughout my lifetime. Cleo Pruitt, Sandy Folaron, and I have presented a proposal to the NAACP regarding this summer’s National NAACP Milwaukee Convention that has great potential to address some of the issues you raise.

The NAACP/Save the Soldiers Home Alliance is inspired by the following concepts:

(l) The NAACP has enormous “cultural capital” by virtue of it being the nation’s main institution for civil rights.

(2) Were the NAACP to focus on honoring veterans, saving an awe-inspiring historic treasure, and surprising the nation with something beautiful and compelling in a much maligned city, the door opens to some serious rainbow recruitment efforts.

(3) The NAACP has the “aura” to inspire volunteer support from retiring boomers, coupled with “student interns,” to launch a serious project to close the digital divide, offer internet empowerment for old city working classes of all identity groups, and foster social enterprise in old cities.

(4) The Soldiers Home Buildings and Grounds are on the edge of being saved by a creative coalition that currently does not have the NAACP as a key player. Were this NAACP Soldiers Home tribute to fly, the NAACP could win quite a bit of the “glory” of this truly glorious moment, and perhaps contribute to a model for adaptive re-use of this enormous complex in service to job development, training in skills and citizenship, small business and social enterprise incubators, veterans and moderate income housing, and the small schools movement.

  • Cleo Pruitt’s Proposal—”A New Birth of Freedom”

I would very much enjoy an on-line conversation with you and many others regarding NAACP Milwaukee Recruitment Drive, Winter/Spring 2005, in preparation for the critical Milwaukee NAACP Convention, July 9–14.

This speaks to my “identity”:


James J. Godsil

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