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Contacting Wisconsin’s Delegation
Rep. Tammy Baldwin tammybaldwin.house.gov (“E-mail Tammy” link on Web site) (608) 258–9800 (Wis.)
Rep. Mark Green mark.green@mail.house.gov (920) 437–1954 (Wis.) (800) 773–8579 (Wis.) (202) 225–5729 (fax)
Rep. Ron Kind www.house.gov/kind (“Send an E-mail” link under “Contact Ron” on Web site) (888) 442–8040 (Wis.)
Rep. Jerry Kleczka www.house.gov/kleczka (“E-mail Jerry” link on Web site) (414) 297–1140 (Wis.) (414) 327–6151 (fax)
Rep. David Obey www.house.gov/obey (“Send a message to Dave” link on Web site)
Rep. Tom Petri www.house.gov/petri (“E-mail Rep. Petri” link on Web site) (800) 242–4883 (Wis.) (202) 225–2476 (D.C.)
Rep. Paul Ryan www.house.gov/ryan (“E-mail Paul” link on Web site) (888) 909–7926 (Wis.) (202) 225–3031 (D.C.) (202) 225–3393 (fax)
Rep. F. James Sensenbrenner Jr. sensenbrenner@mail.house.gov (262) 784–1111 (Wis.) (202) 225–5101 (D.C.) (202) 225–3190 (fax)
Sen. Herb Kohl kohl.senate.gov (“Contact Senator Kohl” link on Web site) (800) 247–5645
Sen. Russ Feingold russ_feingold@feingold.senate.gov (608) 828–1200 (Middleton) (414) 276–7282 (Milwaukee)

State Senate

Senate District 12

Senator Roger Breske sen.breske@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–2509 Capitol 310 South

Lisa Jagla lisa.jagla@legis.state.wi.us
Susan Meinholz susan.meinholz@legis.state.wi.us
Senate District 31

Senator Ronald Brown sen.brown@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–8546 Capitol 104 South

Melissa Gilbert melissa.gilbert@legis.state.wi.us
Katie Mnuk katie.mnuk@legis.state.wi.us
Sherrie Osegard sherrie.osegard@legis.state.wi.us
Matt Pulda matt.pulda@legis.state.wi.us
Hannah Vick hannah.vick@legis.state.wi.us
Senate District 3

Senator Tim Carpenter sen.carpenter@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–8535 Capitol 126 South

Albert Collins albert.collins@legis.state.wi.us
Gordon Ewy stuart.ewy@legis.state.wi.us
Richelle Ladwig richelle.ladwig@legis.state.wi.us
Senate District 16

Senator Charles Chvala sen.chvala@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–9170 Capitol 130 South

Nancy Gaulrapp nancy.gaulrapp@legis.state.wi.us
Paula McGuire paula.mcguire@legis.state.wi.us
Maribeth Witzel-Behl maribeth.witzelbehl@legis.state.wi.us
Senate District 6

Senator Spencer Coggs sen.coggs@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–2500 Capitol 22 South

David de Felice david.defelice@legis.state.wi.us
Gloria Miller gloria.miller@legis.state.wi.us
Adam Plotkin adam.plotkin@legis.state.wi.us
Jana Williams jana.williams@legis.state.wi.us
Senate District 2

Senator Robert Cowles sen.cowles@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–0484 Capitol 122 South

Cynthia Boley cynthia.boley@legis.state.wi.us
Roger Frings roger.frings@legis.state.wi.us
Tony Herkert tony.herkert@legis.state.wi.us
Jay Schulze jay.schulze@legis.state.wi.us
Todd Stuart todd.stuart@legis.state.wi.us
Senate District 8

Senator Alberta Darling sen.darling@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–5830 Capitol 317 East

Katherine Ford katherine.ford@legis.state.wi.us
Rebecca Hogan rebecca.hogan@legis.state.wi.us
Tom Petri tom.petri@legis.state.wi.us
Chris Slinker chris.slinker@legis.state.wi.us
Jessica Tormey jessica.tormey@legis.state.wi.us
David Volz david.volz@legis.state.wi.us
Senate District 29

Senator Russell Decker sen.decker@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–2502 Capitol 323 South

Joel Gratz joel.gratz@legis.state.wi.us
Michael Tierney michael.tierney@legis.state.wi.us
Patrick Walsh patrick.walsh@legis.state.wi.us
Linda Warren linda.warren@legis.state.wi.us
Barbara Worcester barbara.worcester@legis.state.wi.us
Senate District 19

Senator Michael Ellis sen.ellis@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–0718 Capitol 118 South

Michael Boerger michael.boerger@legis.state.wi.us
Cliff Miller cliff.miller@legis.state.wi.us
Lynn Nelson lynn.nelson@legis.state.wi.us
Kay Reetz kay.reetz@legis.state.wi.us
Kurt Schultz kurt.schultz@legis.state.wi.us
Senate District 27

Senator Jon Erpenbach sen.erpenbach@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–6670 Capitol 202 South

Nancy Bills nancy.bills@legis.state.wi.us
Tryg Knutson tryg.knutson@legis.state.wi.us
Julie Laundrie julie.laundrie@legis.state.wi.us
Carrie Templeton carrie.templeton@legis.state.wi.us
Terry Tuschen terry.tuschen@legis.state.wi.us
Senate District 13

Senator Scott Fitzgerald sen.fitzgerald@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–5660 Capitol 316 South

Cindy Block cindy.block@legis.state.wi.us
Thomas Rhatican tom.rhatican@legis.state.wi.us
Judi Rhodes-Engels judi.rhodes-engels@legis.state.wi.us
Ryan Smith ryan.smith@legis.state.wi.us
Senate District 30

Senator Dave Hansen sen.hansen@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–5670 Capitol 319 South

Eric Genrich eric.genrich@legis.state.wi.us
Jessica Lundquist jessica.lundquist@legis.state.wi.us
Jay Wadd jay.wadd@legis.state.wi.us
John Wagnitz john.wagnitz@legis.state.wi.us
Senate District 10

Senator Sheila Harsdorf sen.harsdorf@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–7745 Capitol 131 South

Jack Jablonski jack.jablonski@legis.state.wi.us
Christian Schneider christian.schneider@legis.state.wi.us
Matt Woebke matt.woebke@legis.state.wi.us
Maya Ziv-el maya.zivel@legis.state.wi.us
Senate District 25

Senator Robert Jauch sen.jauch@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–3510 Capitol 19 South

David Jahr dave.jahr@legis.state.wi.us
Dan Kanninen dan.kanninen@legis.state.wi.us
Linda Kleinschmidt linda.kleinschmidt@legis.state.wi.us
Senate District 33

Senator Theodore Kanavas sen.kanavas@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–9174 Capitol 20 South

Rebecca Heiting rebecca.heiting@legis.state.wi.us
Mike Richards mike.richards@legis.state.wi.us
Jeremey Shepherd jeremey.shepherd@legis.state.wi.us
Senate District 11

Senator Neal Kedzie sen.kedzie@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–2635 Capitol 313 South

Cory Bruce cory.bruce@legis.state.wi.us
Dan Johnson dan.johnson@legis.state.wi.us
Matt Phillips matt.phillips@legis.state.wi.us
Heather Smith heather.smith@legis.state.wi.us
Senate District 1

Senator Alan Lasee sen.lasee@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–3512 Capitol 220 South

Allison Coakley allison.coakley@legis.state.wi.us
Kenlyn Harris kenlyn.harris@legis.state.wi.us
Shari Lord shari.lord@legis.state.wi.us
Senate District 24

Senator Julie Lassa sen.lassa@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–3123 Capitol 3 South

Jessica Kelly jessica.kelly@legis.state.wi.us
Mark Knickelbine mark.knickelbine@legis.state.wi.us
Dan Kursevski dan.kursevski@legis.state.wi.us
Senate District 28

Senator Mary Lazich sen.lazich@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–5400 Capitol 127 South

Cathy Connolly cathy.connolly@legis.state.wi.us
Bernadette Holland bernadette.holland@legis.state.wi.us
Ann Molitor ann.molitor@legis.state.wi.us
Thomas VanEss thomas.vaness@legis.state.wi.us
Senate District 9

Senator Joe Leibham sen.leibham@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–2056 Capitol 409 South

Brett Davis brett.davis@legis.state.wi.us
Dan Lindstedt daniel.lindstedt@legis.state.wi.us
Katy Prange katy.prange@legis.state.wi.us
Patrick Vander Sanden patrick.vandersanden@legis.state.wi.us
Brad Vogel brad.vogel@legis.state.wi.us
Senate District 32

Senator Mark Meyer sen.meyer@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–5490 Capitol 106 South

Bryan Brooks bryan.brooks@legis.state.wi.us
Grant Huber grant.huber@legis.state.wi.us
Ryan Natzke ryan.natzke@legis.state.wi.us
Senate District 4

Senator Gwendolynne Moore sen.moore@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–5810 Capitol 415 South

Kelly Bablitch kelly.bablitch@legis.state.wi.us
Leanne Bergstrom leanne.bergstrom@legis.state.wi.us
Shirley Ellis shirley.ellis@legis.state.wi.us
Rachel Roller rachel.roller@legis.state.wi.us
Senate District 20

Senator Mary Panzer sen.panzer@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–7513 Capitol 211 South

Lisa Davidson lisa.davidson@legis.state.wi.us
Jennifer Esser jennifer.esser@legis.state.wi.us
Greg Hubbard gregory.hubbard@legis.state.wi.us
Rose Lemke rose.lemke@legis.state.wi.us
Tad Ottman tad.ottman@legis.state.wi.us
Anne Schwartz anne.schwartz@legis.state.wi.us
Senate District 7

Senator Jeffrey Plale sen.plale@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–7505 Capitol 106 South

Susie Schooff susie.schooff@legis.state.wi.us
Jeff Valenzuela jeff.valenzuela@legis.state.wi.us
Lisa Valle lisa.valle@legis.state.wi.us
Katy Venskus katy.venskus@legis.state.wi.us
Senate District 5

Senator Tom Reynolds sen.reynolds@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–2512 Capitol 306 South

Nick Cekosh nick.cekosh@legis.state.wi.us
Ali Khorsand ali.khorsand@legis.state.wi.us
Steve Krieser steve.krieser@legis.state.wi.us
Adam Peer adam.peer@legis.state.wi.us
Les Wakefield les.wakefield@legis.state.wi.us
Senate District 26

Senator Fred Risser sen.risser@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–1627 Capitol 123 South

Sarah Briganti sarah.briganti@legis.state.wi.us
Dianne Cieslewicz diane.cieslewicz@legis.state.wi.us
Leslie Travis leslie.travis@legis.state.wi.us
Senate District 15

Senator Judy Robson sen.robson@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–2253 Capitol 5 South

Kelley Flury kelley.flury@legis.state.wi.us
Justin Sargent justin.sargent@legis.state.wi.us
Kathleen Soderbloom kathy.soderbloom@legis.state.wi.us
Senate District 18

Senator Carol Roessler sen.roessler@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–5300 Capitol 8 South

Karen Asbjornson karen.asbjornson@legis.state.wi.us
Jennifer Halbur jennifer.halbur@legis.state.wi.us
Hunter Kurtz hunter.kurtz@legis.state.wi.us
Sara Seaquist sara.seaquist@legis.state.wi.us
Senate District 17

Senator Dale Schultz sen.schultz@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–0703 Capitol 18 South

Thomas Jackson tom.jackson@legis.state.wi.us
Jonathan Klein jonathan.klein@legis.state.wi.us
John O’Brien john.obrien@legis.state.wi.us
Eileen ONeill eileen.oneill@legis.state.wi.us
Senate District 21

Senator Cathy Stepp sen.stepp@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–1832 Capitol 7 South

Scott Manley scott.manley@legis.state.wi.us
Brian Pleva brian.pleva@legis.state.wi.us
Pat Rasmussen pat.rasmussen@legis.state.wi.us
Jay Risch jay.risch@legis.state.wi.us
Senate District 14

Senator Robert Welch sen.welch@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–0751 Capitol 10 South

Jason Bauknecht jason.bauknecht@legis.state.wi.us
Mary Ellen Boario mary.boario@legis.state.wi.us
Brad Boycks brad.boycks@legis.state.wi.us
Amy Ferris amy.ferris@legis.state.wi.us
Tricia Sieg tricia.sieg@legis.state.wi.us
Senate District 22

Senator Robert Wirch sen.wirch@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 267–8979 Capitol 108 South

Pat Erickson pat.erickson@legis.state.wi.us
Kelly Johnson kelly.johnson@legis.state.wi.us
Brian O’Connell brian.o’connell@legis.state.wi.us
Amber Smith amber.meyersmith@legis.state.wi.us
Senate District 23

Senator David Zien sen.zien@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–7511 Capitol 15 South

Peter Hanson peter.hanson@legis.state.wi.us
John Hogan john.hogan@legis.state.wi.us
Susan Marcott susan.marcott@legis.state.wi.us

State Assembly

Assembly District 6

Representative John Ainsworth rep.ainsworth@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–3097 Capitol 309 North

Kristina Boardman kristina.boardman@legis.state.wi.us
Carol Redell carol.redell@legis.state.wi.us
Assembly District 50

Representative Sheryl Albers rep.albers@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–8531 Capitol 3 North

Ryan Gruber ryan.gruber@legis.state.wi.us
Hariah Hutkowski hariah.hutkowski@legis.state.wi.us
Scott Southworth scott.southworth@legis.state.wi.us
Assembly District 68

Representative Larry Balow rep.balow@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–9172 Capitol 126 North

William Keeton william.keeton@legis.state.wi.us
David Zehren david.zehren2@legis.state.wi.us
Assembly District 76

Representative Terese Berceau rep.berceau@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–3784 Capitol 208 North

Traci Peloquin traci.peloquin2@legis.state.wi.us
Thomas Powell thomas.powell@legis.state.wi.us
Assembly District 1

Representative Garey Bies rep.bies@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–5350 Capitol 125 West

Andrew Nowlan andrew.nowlan@legis.state.wi.us
Sherab Phunkyi sherab.phunkyi@legis.state.wi.us
Assembly District 77

Representative Spencer Black rep.black@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–7521 Capitol 214 North

Bill Graf bill.graf@legis.state.wi.us
Terri Zimmerman terri.zimmerman@legis.state.wi.us
Assembly District 73

Representative Frank Boyle rep.boyle@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–0640 Capitol 221 North

Mary Lou Keleher marylou.keleher@legis.state.wi.us
Max Simmons max.simmons@legis.state.wi.us
Assembly District 8

Representative Pedro Colón rep.colon@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 267–7669 Capitol 104 North

Joseph Hoey joseph.hoey@legis.state.wi.us
Andy Janssen andy.janssen@legis.state.wi.us
Assembly District 13

Representative David Cullen rep.cullen@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 267–9836 Capitol 216 North

Rex Loehe rex.loehe2@legis.state.wi.us
Ritch Williams ritch.williams@legis.state.wi.us
Assembly District 39

Representative Jeff Fitzgerald rep.fitzgerald@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–2540 Capitol 308 North

Jason Culotta jason.culotta@legis.state.wi.us
Mike Welsh mike.welsh@legis.state.wi.us
Assembly District 38

Representative Steven Foti rep.foti@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–2401 Capitol 215 West

Bob Karius bob.karius@legis.state.wi.us
Cindy Polzin cindy.polzin@legis.state.wi.us
Adam Raschka adam.raschka@legis.state.wi.us
Assembly District 51

Representative Stephen Freese rep.freese@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–7502 Capitol 115 West

Terri Griffiths terri.griffiths@legis.state.wi.us
Rob Richard rob.richard@legis.state.wi.us
Kurt Simatic kurt.simatic@legis.state.wi.us
Assembly District 35

Representative Donald Friske rep.friske@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–7694 Capitol 312 North

Tim Gary tim.gary@legis.state.wi.us
Jennifer Western jennifer.western@legis.state.wi.us
Assembly District 89

Representative John Gard rep.gard@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–3387 Capitol 211 West

Steve Baas steve.baas@legis.state.wi.us
Debbie Hochkammer debbie.hochkammer@legis.state.wi.us
Ellen Nowak ellen.nowak@legis.state.wi.us
Mary Reid mary.reid@legis.state.wi.us
Jeffrey Schoenfeldt jeff.schoenfeldt@legis.state.wi.us
Bryon Wornson bryon.wornson@legis.state.wi.us
Assembly District 23

Representative Curt Gielow rep.gielow@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–0486 Capitol 316 North

John Reinemann john.reinemann@legis.state.wi.us
Assembly District 60

Representative Mark Gottlieb rep.gottlieb@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 267–2369 Capitol 304 North

Denise Solie denise.solie@legis.state.wi.us
Assembly District 91

Representative Barbara Gronemus rep.gronemus@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–7015 Capitol 114 North

William Cross william.cross@legis.state.wi.us
Rex Loehe rex.loehe@legis.state.wi.us
Assembly District 58

Representative Glenn Grothman rep.grothman@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 264–8486 Capitol 15 North

Maggie Delaporte maggie.delaporte@legis.state.wi.us
James Emerson james.emerson@legis.state.wi.us
Assembly District 83

Representative Scott Gunderson rep.gunderson@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–3363 Capitol 7 West

Mike Bruhn mike.bruhn@legis.state.wi.us
Gwen Ohlson gwen.ohlson@legis.state.wi.us
Assembly District 84

Representative Mark Gundrum rep.gundrum@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 267–5158 Capitol 19 North

Jolene Churchill jolene.churchill@legis.state.wi.us
Kevin Usealman kevin.usealman@legis.state.wi.us
Assembly District 47

Representative Eugene Hahn rep.hahn@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–3404 Capitol 15 West

Greg Gasper greg.gasper@legis.state.wi.us
Wendy Minick wendy.minick@legis.state.wi.us
Assembly District 46

Representative Tom Hebl rep.hebl@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–7678 Capitol 304 West

Lindsay Hoglund lindsay.hoglund@legis.state.wi.us
Max Simmons max.simmons@legis.state.wi.us
Assembly District 42

Representative Jake Hines rep.hines@legis.state.wi.us
(608) 266–7746 Capitol 10 West

Carolyn Hughes carolyn.hughes@legis.state.wi.us
Douglas Parrott douglas.parrott@legis.state.wi.us

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