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Godsil: MarquetteUniversityStudentsForDignity

Demonstration for Dignity 5:30 p.m. Tues. Dec. 7

The issue regarding the Marquette University nickname has caused many
people deep frustration. For many, the idea of changing the nickname to
“Warriors” is a violation of human dignity and is therefore unacceptable.

A Demonstration for Dignity will be held at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday,
December 7 on Wisconsin Avenue, in front of Marquette’s Alumni Memorial
Union (1442 W. Wisconsin Ave).

This peaceful, candlelight procession will be held in support of a
nickname for Marquette that upholds human dignity, in accordance with
Marquette’s mission and identity statement. It is planned to happen the
night before the Board of Trustees will make their decision regarding
Marquette’s nickname. The demonstration is intended to show the Board of
Trustees that the “Warriors” nickname must not be readopted, as it would
violate Marquette’s stance on human dignity.

 This event has been planned by concerned Marquette students as we hope 

to see a great student turnout, but all Marquette faculty and Milwaukee
community members are openly invited and encouraged to attend.

Help spread the word about this event!! Forward this email to as many
people you can. Also,is you would like a flyer advertising the
Demonstration for Dignity sent to you via email contact one of the people
listed below.

Jessica Bizub

 Megan Martin  


Stephanie Noll

If you have questions regarding this event, please feel free to contact
Megan Martin, Jessica Bizub, or Stephanie Noll. Contact information can
be found below.

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