Mathibela Sebothoma is my new friend, a Catholic people’s priest from South Africa, studying communications at Marquette University from now until 2007, currently living at St. Mary’s in Riverwest, and member of the African Catholic Priest Solidary Movement and the Institute for Contextual Theology.
Were you to “google” Mathibela you would find essays he writes on a monthly basis for the “Southern Cross” magazine, a voice of “God in South Africa.” Mathi, as Father Sebothoma prefers to be called, was born in Praetoria, South Africa in 1968. He was profoundly altered by experiencing the “rivers of student blood” following a massacre on June 21, 1976, at the Boikgonatscho school in Praetoria. He has been a comrade of the freedom movement of South Africa since that day.

Here are some of the guiding principles Mathi was raised by in the South African liberation movement that culminated on Freedom Day, April 27, 1994, when the black majority of South Africa won the right to vote, at that moment, overwhelmingly for Nelson Mandela.

Education is for liberation.

Education is for emancipation.

Each One Teach One.

Mathi will be reading some of his liberation poetry at the Peter Blewett Fundraiser at Timbuktu, March 21, from 6 to 8 p.m. Peter Blewett will also read some of his own poems at this event, which coincides with Human Rights Day in South Africa, in commemoration of the Shrpville Massacre in 1959.

Human Rights Day Poetry by Mathibela Sebothoma of South Africa and Peter Blewett of Milwaukee, at the Fundraiser for Peter Blewett, Timbuktu, March 21, 6 to 8 p.m.

At 08:17 AM 3/22/2005, harvey taylor wrote:
Harvey wrote:

Dear Mathi,

Thank you for inspiring Human Rights Day USA.

It is my great pleasure and honor to be witness to your contribution to an awakening in our fair city.

I will do my best to let the people know about the glorious South African Revolution and the lessons for all therein.

We will learn very much about our own possibilities from this great historic drama, just begun!

The USA is a young nation, as is South Africa.

Both nations have a heritage of unspeakable crimes against humanity, “legally” carried out.

I pray that your arrival in Milwaukee will accelerate racial healing and spark a new civil rights movement for the 21st century, ushered in by a United Democratic Front!

kul am u-into bcheer, peace, love, light and happiness —Godsil

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