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Subject: Re: [bay_view_matters] St. Louis World’s Fair 2004 and Milwaukee’s NAACP National Convention 2005

I think the potential and capacity of this technological extension of
human connection is promising. But my sense is that only a miniscule
number of the half million plus are actually on board. Are there any
hard figures on how inclusive this actually is at present?

Also we must be adamantly watchful about technology and how it must
serve the interests of the citizens. For years elections seemed to
function resonably well. Now it seems that the fairly straight forward
process of having an election seems beyond the resources of human or
digital intelligence and organization. Are we becoming more ignorant,
devolving because we have reached our capacity? Can we solve the
complexity of problems that we have created. Can leadership function as
facilitators of discourse and informed public decision making rather
than dictators of uninformed and self serving civic policy? Can those
hired to attend to the people’s work be depended upon. The experience
of the last decade indicates the answer is “no”.


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