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From: JHForest@cs.com
Subject: re Web Site on the Milwaukee 14
To: cmtyroof@execpc.com

Dear Jim Godsil,

Thanks for your e-mail.

In fact, when Bob & Pat Graf hosted a Milwaukee 14 gathering a few years ago, I was impressed with stories people present told about the impact of the M14 in their lives.

I recently came upon an M14 web page that you may have seen but, if not, take a look:


Jim Forest

  • * *

Jim & Nancy Forest
Kanisstraat 5 / 1811 GJ Alkmaar / The Netherlands
tel: (country code 31)(area code 72) 511 2545
Jim’s e-mail: jhforest@cs.com
Nancy’s e-mail: forestflier@cs.com
Orthodox Peace Fellowship web site: http://www.incommunion.org
Jim & Nancy Forest web site: http://incommunion.org/forest-flier/
photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jimforest/sets/

The Marquette University Archives holds the papers of Michael Cullen
Recent additions, not yet incorporated in the finding aid, include the
transcripts of his federal court trial.

Phil Runkel
Department of Special Collections and University Archives
Raynor Memorial Libraries
Marquette University
1355 W. Wisconsin Ave, PO Box 3141
Milwaukee, WI 53201–3141

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