Dear All,

Below is a list of some of the approximately 30 or 40 people from the Social Development Commission(SDC) and Wisconsin Community Action Prorgram(WISCAP) of the 1960s and 1970s who are gathering this coming Sunday at the Olympia Resort in Oconomowoc(1350 Royale Mile Road, Condo #536, 262 369 4999).

The gathering was conceived by Katie Kiedrowski’s wish to meet with these veterans of that noble cause at events other than one another’s funerals (the average age of the group is somewhere around 65).

Reporters are welcome from 3 to 5 p.m. Please call me at 232 1336 or e-mail if you have any questions.

If you were part of that world and would like to sign up late, please let me know.

If you would be up for one hour of film interviewing of some of these fine citizens, let me know. I’d front $50 and hope we’d get it back by selling tape of some of the participants.

I was a graduate student doing research on these unsung heroes back in 1970. The Reagan/Bush propaganda triumphs have not found the nation giving much due to people who gave blood, sweat, and tears to the cause of civil rights and social justice in Milwaukee back then. Our city is greatly advantaged by the work this group did and continues to do.

I hope some of you can come and capture some of their stories.

Clear sailing,


ALL: Attached is the list of RSVPs I have received as of 11/13/04 for the SDC/WISCAP reunion on Sun 11/21/04 @ 3P in Oconomowoc at my time share/condo #536 at the Olympia Resort, 1350 Royale Mile Road, 262–369–4999 (my cell# 917–331–8120). There are some “holes” that need follow up phone calls from us this week as follows and I implore you to contact these folks,as assigned,who I haven’t heard from in order to make this a success:

Katie Kiedrowski George Gerharz Ed jj Olson Hiram Shaw

  • Lee Holloway *Ernesto Chacon *Cynthia Pitts *Jimmi Givings
  • J.Jones-Robinson *Marianne McNulty *Tom Wms(SS) *Larry Harwell
  • J.Severson *Jack Gleason *Connie Panagis *Lou Walker . *T.Grace *Erv Henderson *Sarah Dean *Bob Shortreed
  • T. Oberbrunner *Marie Crockett *Dennis Conta *Fred Lennarsen
  • J. Ignace *Laurie Wynn *Dann Conta *Ralph Goebel
                                           *Rita Dielen                         *Ken Herro
                                           *Minnie Green
                                           *Sheila O’Shea
                                         *Luis Salazar(if you
                                                   can find him)

Don Sykes Jackie Lawrence Rosalie Tryon

  • Wm Clay *Karl Pnazek *Byron Malsin
  • Ralph Hollman *Thor Wmson *Dick Flintrop
  • Ed Bolton *Tom White *Carol Murphy/?
  • Jennetta Robinson *Noel Ryder *Deb Groban
  • June Perry *Mary Fitzgerald *Jerry Drahos
  • Wes Scott *David Duran(if you
  • J.Komasarek’swife can find him)
  • Bernard Benn
  • Mary Champagne
  • Lee Foley

AND Jim Godsil….steer the press, if coming, to only 3P-5P----and if there is videotaping, I would like 1 copy to share with others.

My final plans have been complicated as I fell and fractured my ankle so I will be in a cast/on crutches and can’t drive!
Thanks to:

  *Gloria V. & family who are picking me up at Milw airport, making the likour store stop & taking me to condo on Sat
  *Hiram& Darcy Shaw, Gloria V. (& maybe Jim Godsil) who are coming early on Sun to set up the bar
  *I’ll need to “corral” some of you for clean up, although I will be there for the rest of the week & should be OK.

Thanks for all your help in making this a success…..Looking forward to seeing you there…..As always, KK


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