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Dear Tess and Riverwest Heroes,

It was with great wonder and astonishment
That I experienced the Riverwest Follies.

Follies Handbill With Performers

I think I may have never experienced them before.

I was most impressed by the size and the spirit
Of the assembled souls.

I counted somewhere between 250 and 300!
A full auditorium!

I was almost amazed at the vitality and youth
Of the audience and participants.

The torch is being passed!

I’m 60 and I don’t think there were more than 10
Older than myself.

Hence I’m thinking of myself these days as “Olde.”

And I would say the great majority were in
Their 20s and 30s.

Good deal!

I suppose that explains the baby boom in Riverwest,
Sweet evidence of which is daily at the Riverwest Co-Op.

Joyous exuberants!
That’s who showed up.

And the skits were either extremely inspiring,
Fun, funky, or outrageous.

Like Riverwest!

The musical and poetic “discordancy” is rooted in our soil,
And with such great work as I’ve seen in Riverwest
Through an entire generation,
I hope I experience divine flutes and drums
And dance and theatre reflective of our
Great strides, year in year out,
Advancing the cause of non-violence and mutual aid,
Inside and beyond dear Riverwest,
Likely to win a Nobel Prize for Peace
Sometime before I’m food for Will Allen’s worms.


Olde Godsil

Sherman Park


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