Euros and Timbuktu

For a full understanding of this note it would be astonishing to find some young intellectual or retiring leftist boomer checking out Karl Deutsch’s “Nationalism and Social Communication.” When people divided by history and culture can eat together at the same table, a nation is truly on mark. “Commensality” is the term for this. When black boys and black girls eat their lunches at school with white boys and white girls, when GLBT boys and girls share lunches with straight boys and girls, we will know the civil rights smovement is reaching the moment when Dr. King’s dream has become reality. Here is a letter to enlightened Euro Americans seeking a $5 contribution to make up for a short fall of $100 at a fund raiser for Milwaukee School Board President Peter Blewett. A poem that is intending as a nicket bag of wisdom exists by way of thanks, as do prayers offered on Human Rights Day at Timbuktu. Science has been telling Godsil that “prayer works!”

Dear Thoughtful Euro American Friend,

One of my obsessions
Has been to inspire Euro Americans
To patronize the business start-ups
Of our African American brothers and sisters.

I have been astonished at how few progressives
Have met the mental challenge
Of driving an extra 5 minutes or remembering to remember,
To do this very right thing.

I have been stupefied that our political leaders
Are not racing to Timbuktu
To let God and world know
They wish to advance race healing in Milwaukeke.

Gerry Broderick to date
Is the only Euro elected official
To take an extra step
For Timbuktu.

So Gerry offered to sponsor
A fundraiser for Blewett
At Omar Gagale’s

I thought what a fine thing to do
And volunteered my work for the cause,
Spent about 40 hours of sacred “praxis,”
It was a marvelous moment for all.

A couple of the campaign staff,
However, whined because
The food bill, for reasons a poem exists,*
Went $100 over budget.

So I am seeking twenty $5 donations
To make up for this $100.

Please let me know
If you judge the cause of Timbuktu in Riverwest
And harmony between “progressives” whites
And Africans “New American” and African Americans”

Worth a $5 pledge.

I will take responsibility of picking the $5 up at your door,
Or invite you to drop it off at Timbuktu.

I will be making a web site on Euro Americans
Who in 2005 thought enough of nation building
Among all of God’s Milwaukee Children
To offer $5 of their hard earned dollars to this worthy cause.

History will record your generosity and thoughtfulness in this regard.

If you wish, there will be prayers for you, yours, or your cause
From Timbuktu,
As science and faith are showing…
Prayer appears to have some kind of effect.

May the Blessing of God rest upon you,
May God’s peace abide with you, and,
May the presence of God illuminate your heart now and forevermore,


  • The poem may itself, if my optimistic scenario obtains, be worthy of designation as “a nickel bag of wisdom grass,” in honor of Whitman’s “Leave’s of Grass”…a nickel bag of Riverwest Milwaukee River Valley Wisdom Grass.” It speaks to the issue of human’s challenged by communication flows, which often fail to convey with fidelity all of the information pertaining to decision chains of meaning. Available upon request for those who fill the Timbuktu basket with their $5 pledge.

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